WiV Technology announces tech partnerships with OCULAR for KYC/AML

Tommy Nordam Jensen @ WiV
Oct 3 · 3 min read

Norwegian-based unique asset company WiV Technology announces partnership with Ocular Tech

London, 4thOctober 2019; WiV Technology (WiV) has announced a partnership with Ocular Tech to use its KYC and AML/CFT compliance process.

“Fine wine investments are tricky to manage in view of the current diversity of blockchain and the Wine industry said Tommy Nordam Jensen, CEO of WiV Technology. “Having the secure compliance platform that provides instant verification of a customer`s background (KYC) will help our clients to manage their clients KYC/AML”

Ocular integrates traditional name and personal data background checks with state-of-the-art identity verification mechanisms such as facial and voice recognition. This safeguards against ID theft, false registrations, Sybil attacks and other attacks which compromise and circumvent compliance. Ocular uses advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to dynamically monitor and upgrade its capabilities and defences in the face of an ever-changing landscape of cyber security.

The objective of Ocular is to provide parties a transparent mechanism to verify and validate one another, to prevent fraud and expose fraudulent activities. Ocular aim to be the de-facto standard for multi-purpose, highly customizable and configurable solutions that bridges traditional finance with crypto and satisfies compliance requirements at the highest possible levels.

«Combining two cutting-edge technologies as WiV and Ocular both represents and creates a competitive edge, both from an industrial point of view for enterprise clients, but also helps improve the ease of making a trusted ecosystem. » says Simon Stokvold, Chairman of Ocular Tech.


- — Notes to editors — -

About WiV Technology

WiV Technology is a blockchain-based technology for unique assets. We make physical assets like wine digital with our technology. With experts based in London, Oslo, Bordeaux and Singapore. WiV will enhance buyer, seller and producer relationships and create a trusted global marketplace. WiV will make it easier for producers and merchants to offer their wines, distributors to know where specific bottles are and buyers to understand the provenance of what they are buying. WiV Technology will be working with producers to tokenize entire vintages of investment grade wine, greatly increasing the volume of wine assets on the platform and ensuring this wine has a digital record of its provenance from the moment that it is bottled. wiv.io

About Ocular Tech

Ocular is an Anti- Money Laundering (AML) compliance platform that provides instant verification of a customer`s background (KYC). The platform leverages cryptographic security mechanisms employed in distributed ledger technologies to ensure that data cannot be tampered with, while allowing users full control over how their data is stored and shared. The system is user-friendly for applicants while adhering to strict AML policy guidelines. Ocular is based in Bangkok, Singapore, LA and London. oculartech.io

Learn More About WiV Technology:

WiV Technology — tokenising assets

Tommy Nordam Jensen @ WiV

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WiV Technology
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