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How Wix Accelerated Open Platform Dev with Standardized APIs & Schemas

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Standard APIs & Event Schemas — Standardization effort

  1. Extending websites with Velo — a JavaScript based development environment for both frontend and backend code.
  2. Wix App Market for third-party applications.
For more information on the Standardization effort you can listen to this podcast episode or read the transcript.

Wix schemas are defined with protobuf

Event-driven architecture & Domain Events

Example of Product Created Webhook in JSON format
  • Entity created
  • Entity updated
  • Entity deleted
  • Email sent to member
  • Payment transaction started

Discovering APIs & Schemas with Wix Docs

Screenshot of Wix publicly available API (REST, webhooks, SDKs)

Schema Evolution & Validation at Wix

  1. Create the model
  2. Stabilization
  3. Add features / abilities / enhances / fixes
  4. Deprecation
  5. End-of-life
Example of a deprecated field from a blog related schema




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