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Listen: Using Apache Kafka as the Event-Driven System for 1,500 Microservices at Wix

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Recently I had the privilege of sitting down with Confluent’s Tim Berglund to discuss how Wix developers use Apache Kafka at scale in a unique way.

Kafka consumers and producers are used as the event-driven messaging backbone between Wix’s various microservices — 1500 in total. With such large scale, many different requirements were needed to be addressed and great tools provided for many different teams.

We talked about Greyhound, Wix’s own Kafka client wrapper library that has very useful features like easy to setup retry policies and trivial configuration of how much parallel work each client should handle.

Most of the discussion revolved around the valuable lessons Wix has learned in order to be able to support the huge scale of developers, use cases, meta-data, and traffic on its Kafka based distributed system.

Listen to the full discussion:

Thank you for listening!

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Natan Silnitsky

Natan Silnitsky

Backend Infrastructure Team Lead @Wix.com