10 Benefits of Educational Apps For Kids

Over the past few years, the impact of technology upon kids and education has been enormous. Good education for your kids is now affordable. Average families can afford smartphones in which applications can be downloaded.

While there are so many applications in the market, picking the correct one for your child can change the way they learn. Learning apps are making things easier for kids to understand.

Mentioned below are some of the advantages of mobile learning apps for children:

  1. Track Your Children’s Progress

With educational apps, you can track your children’s progress which is one of the critical things that parents are keen on. Alongside the progress, you can picture how each application is helping your child to enhance their abilities such as reading, maths and much more.

2. Enhances classroom performance

Mobile learning apps can enable children to secure better grades. These apps play a huge role in helping these little learners with skills to execute school assignments with precision.

In case a child faces any issue with any subject, he can search for the same on educational apps. He can also go in for advance class-preparation. This will boost his level of confidence.

3. Portability

There are no requirements for mobile phones. Most parents and Sstudents have phones. This means, apps are available to your child at anyplace, anytime. Learning is not limited to the classrooms alone.

4. Interactive in nature

Mobile apps for kids incorporate a wide range of attractive, interactive activities. The children are glued to small activities such as crossword puzzles, spot the difference activity, world-building, etc.

For kids who have a creative mind, parents can go for apps with colouring games. Mobile learning is more than textbooks — it is an ideal way to expand various faculties of your child.

5. Leisure Hours Utilization

No responsible parents want their kids to get addicted to the “idiot box”. Too much internet usage and talking over the phone for hours are not wise options for killing time. This is where mobile educational apps prove their worth. A Mobile learning app creates wise utilizing of active free time..

If a child has lots of leisure time, it can be utilized to learn something new with the help of a learning app. Entertainment guaranteed without wasting time.

6. More Than Just Children

It’s a misconception that only children benefit from these apps. Teachers and parents also benefit from using educational apps. Teachers can make use of apps in classrooms. There are apps that help teachers with learning contents. Allows teachers and parents more time to discuss lesson plan for better interactive classes. .

7. Creates a tech-savvy child

Becoming tech savvy is the need of the hour. According to research, the number of smartphone users below the age of 18 has increased by 600% from 2009 to 2014.

Educational apps familiarize children with basic facets of Smartphone as well as tablets. On an average, a child of 5 years has become Smartphone savvy because of mobile learning apps. Regular use of these learning apps creates confidence in your child.

8. Dynamic nature learning

Mobile learning apps encompass a wide form of learning systems, such as text-based learning, videos, infographics, animated graphics, audio-narration, multiple-choice questions, and much more.

A large percentage of students use their smartphones for E-learning, finding references, books, news or other productive activities.

9. Systematic Learning Activated

Smart learning is one thing and systematic learning is next. App based learning enables both. Mobile apps help in systematic learning. Apps are arranged in such a way that, it promotes not only a craving for learning but also a systematic mode of learning.

The apps are arranged systematically that it becomes possible for students to go with the flow without even realising.

10. Sharing of knowledge gathered

Some mobile learning apps for kids are integrated with networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Kids can easily create their virtual study circles where they can share knowledge with their friends , take part in discussions and even video hangouts.

This ensures two-way transfer of knowledge. And because of such interactions children can make new study buddies.

At Vericore technologies, we don’t want parents to think their children are learning from apps that actually hold little, to no, educational value.

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WizitUp K12 Learning App is for parents and families, packed with useful tips and inspiring ways that get you more involved in your child’s learning process.

Research around the world has shown that parents getting involved in their child’s learning process can have a very positive impact on education outcomes.

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