10 Tips That Will Help You Raise a Smart Kid.

Habib Wasulu
Oct 30, 2017 · 4 min read

Raising a brilliant kid is tied with building up his potential, making him all that he (or she) can be.

The mind does not develop naturally with age. It originates for a fact and the activity the mind gets. Sight, sound, touch, taste and smell empower the brain. The more mind boggling these interconnections, the more quick witted your kid will be. When you furnish your kid with early incitement and an extensive variety of encounters, you can quicken his mental health.

Likewise, when you bond with your child, you furnish him with adoration and security that achieves brain connections.
Your kid’s brain development is dynamic. It doesn’t stop. It is either enhancing or deteriorating. At the point when a child’s capacities and gifts are being utilized, mind development advances. When they are not being utilized, the neural associations are lost, and cerebrum development relapses. In such manner, an “unstimulated” skilled child has more to lose.
What your child encounters during the early years shapes him/her into who they become — how he gets along, how he controls feelings, how well he does in school, what sort of connections he frames, and even what sort of parent he will move toward becoming.

Here are 10 tips to help your child maximize his or her intellectual potential:

  1. Research has shown that children who are read to when very young will probably build up a long lasting enthusiasm for reading, do well in school and prevail in adult life. Studies demonstrate that reading to children when they are at the age 0 to 3 help them understand their potential amid a critical period in their development.
  2. Praise your kid’s effort, not his characteristic insight. Kids who are lauded for their insight have a tendency to do simple undertakings and stay away from challenges that may jeopardize his mental self-view of being savvy. Your kid needs to provoke himself, and accordingly encounter disappointment from time to time. Not encountering disappointment implies a non defined objective, sufficiently high, and he won’t have the capacity to accomplish anything worthy.
  3. Make learning a lifelong commitment for your entire family, not just a school necessity.
  4. Math is a vital skill to master. Sadly, a few parents have the tendency to tell their kids that math is hard. Maintain a strategic distance from unwittingly urging your child that he/she should fear math. Rather, prepare your child to believe that math is enjoyable.

Explaining decisions to kids, and not simply using direct verbal orders, and giving them a chance to argue, even if it’s just a bit, builds up your child’s brains, “welcoming more intricate idea and language development” as they do so, according to a research distributed in the journal of Developmental Psychology.

6. If you let your young child use a smartphone or tablet, play and associate with him utilizing educational apps. Playing excessively intuitive media without anyone else’s input may influence his improvement of insights, compassion, method for knowing themselves, and connecting with relationships.

7. At the point when a child plays, he isn’t simply having a ton of fun, he is building up his mind. Pick toys that activates your child’s creative ability, or where he can take in a variety of skills from.

8. Limit your child’s television watching time as it influences his capacity to create important fundamental abilities. Some TV however, is great, yet it must be specific. A child who is under 2 years of age ought not to have TV time.

9. Try not to expose your child to stress. Stress hormones scar the mind, and really contracts the part that is important for memory and feeling.

10. Sometimes just believing in your kid, that he is smart makes a difference.

We have learnt from these things, and we have tried to craft our WizitUp K12 Learning App — our educational app for kids — with a lot of engaging contents that develop the brain and mind, so that kids can be smart and intelligent.


Wizitup is an e-learning solution that changes the way you…


Wizitup is an e-learning solution that changes the way you think about education, from something boring to a whole lot of fun…learning is cool! #edtech

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Wizitup is an e-learning solution that changes the way you think about education, from something boring to a whole lot of fun…learning is cool! #edtech