Kids, AWW and Tantrums. The Story of WizitUp K12 Learning App

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Sep 13, 2017 · 2 min read

Children are not just sugar, spice and everything beautiful, they can be a handful. Scratch that! They surely are a handful. One moment, you’re scolding John for opening the door and letting the cat out. The next, you’re pacifying crying ‒ and ever tearful ‒ Jane because John broke her toy. While you’re at that, the pot of the kids’ lunch calls for attention in the kitchen. No offense to the men who may have had their fair share, but maybe women would understand this better.

You see some kids at some time in the day, and you go AWWW

And then later same day, you’re like, WHAT!

Now it’s time to learn and there goes tantrum time.

As Mary Poppins once said, a handful of sugar will make the medicine go down. Same way, WizitUp K12 Learning app makes the learning go down. WizitUp takes the classroom content for Mathematics, English and Basic Sciences, converts it into cartoons, songs/rhymes, games and quizzes, and bundles it into a mobile app, making learning fun. The WizitUp K12 can be downloaded with ease via the Android play store.

Felix Imafidon, Chief Operating Officer, Vericore Technologies Ltd describes the Wizitup K12 learning platform as an “innovative approach that blends learning and fun for today’s students, and uses different methodologies to meet the need of all students, irrespective of their learning styles.”

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