Staying Ahead Of Education In The World

We are now in an age where we need to rethink a lot about education. This is the technology age. As much as everything is changing and adapting, it looks like we are lagging behind in the education sector and not seeing the advantages and endless possibilities technology has in store for learners.

Educational technology is largely supporting personalised instruction for students. With Edtech,kids can reach out beyond the walls of their classrooms to interact with other students, other teachers, authors, scientists, and also experts to enhance their learning.

The advancement in Tech has allowed most professions point to dramatic changes in the way they work, but teaching and learning in schools still looks and feels an awful lot like it did when today’s teachers were themselves students.

The introduction of learning apps is to make teaching and learning fun with technology. Engaging the students, parents and teachers in education with the use of technology.

Vericore Technologies Ltd, an e-learning solution firm is changing the way you think about education, from something boring to a whole lot of fun.

Vericore Technologies Ltd has developed the Wizitup K12 Learning App. This app houses over 100 exciting cartoons, songs, rhymes, 12 educational games and over 2,000 practice tests. This helps preschoolers , toddlers and Grade 1–6 students understand and perform better in Maths, English and Sciences. WizitUp K12 Learning app for learning is as simple as reading alphabets ABC and counting the numbers 123.

This Educational App was developed to help parents and teachers reap great benefits from technology, technology that teaches kids how to write, and how to pronounce with ease. With amazing cool math games, kids can learn their numbers — odd, even or prime numbers — while having fun. This is a very good way to engage your child and get them interested in education.

We need to embrace technology to make learning more engaging, because when students are engaged and they are interested, that’s where learning takes place.

Download WizitUp K12 Learning App for free from the Google Playstore or you can go to

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