The Effects Of Video Games

Video games are electronic games that involves interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback in a TV screen or Computer Monitor. To play a video game one would generally need a gaming console and some of the popular gaming consoles around are Playstation and Xbox. Parents are known to frown on gaming whenever they see their children playing them, as they see it as time wasting and some people also feel violence in some games are bad for children.

Not all parents can see the advantages of gaming and this is the point of this article, to point out the positive effects of gaming on children. Here are some of the mental skills that are acquired in gaming.

  1. Problem Solving and Logic: When children play games, it helps them train their brain to come up with creative ways to solve puzzles and other problems in a short time.
  2. Multitasking: In some games like strategy games, enemies might attack any time and it may be a time when the gamer is developing a city. This will force the child playing the game to be flexible and change strategies.
  3. Develops reading and Mathematical skills: When children are playing games, they read to get instructions, follow storylines of games, and get information from the game texts. In addition, using mathematical skills is important to win in many games that involves quantitative analysis like managing resources.
  4. Management: Management simulation games helps the young gamer to make management decisions and manage the effective use of finite resources.
  5. Teamwork and cooperation: There are many multiplayer games in the video game universe which involves cooperation. These games encourage kids to make the most of their individual skills to contribute to the team.

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Blending such a major trend into children’s education is beneficial to them by improving their learning experience. Skills they amass now can be utilized later on when they start sitting down to think about careers and professions.