WizitUp Primary: A game-changer in educational apps for kids:

If you want to build up a solid foundation for your kids who are in Primary school, or you’re just looking to get your kids excited about learning — through technology, you’ve found an app that delivers on that so beautifully.

WizitUp Primary is a fun and educational application that is developed to educate as well as entertain children in the early stage of their educational life. WizitUp Primary isn’t only excellent for kids but also a wonderful tool for parents that see the need to support their kids learning activities at home.

This educational app includes:

  • Educational Cartoons:

A WizitUp cartoon on the earth’s movement

  • 2D Simulations

A WizitUp 2D simulation, explaining self-pollination

  • Games
  • Textbooks
  • Test

The WizitUp Primary app contains over 5,000 really well-curated topic and subject based practice questions to test knowledge, after playing games and watching cartoons.

  • Drawing Pad

This is a drawing tool where you can create nice draws. This let kids use their own imaginations and natural curiosity to bring the subjects to life whether it’s designing a treehouse, draw an animal and much more.

The content of the Wizitup Primary App was developed using the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) curriculum covering Basic 1 to 6. This is to ensure that what every child is learning is totally in line with what they are being taught in their school.

The Cartoons and 2D Simulations are designed in such a way that the kids are having fun and learning at the same time. The games are also designed in line with what has been taught in the Cartoons and 2D simulation such that when a child is playing a game, He/She is actually practicing what he has been taught and most times doing an assignment in the process. The games are done in a progressive level stage mode for learning advancement.

Screenshot from a WizitUp Primary game: Animals and their Young, an exciting learning game for kids to understand Animals and their young.

Screenshot from a WizitUp Primary game: Factors and Multiples[/caption]

Textbooks are developed for every class using the NERDC curriculum. Test are done to test the child’s performance on every subject. The WizitUp Primary also has a drawing pad for kids to express their creativity.

WizitUp Primary is an all in one package that enhances the educational development of your child.

Your child’s education doesn’t have to stop after school or Christmas break. These games, cartoons, animations, simulations and practice questions from the WizitUp Primary will keep your youngster’s mind active outside the classroom.

Download the WizitUp Primary mobile app on your Android mobile phones or tablets, on Playstore.

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