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wizQ Insights #6

Handpicked articles on social and mobile games in Japan, China and beyond.

Happy Thursday, folks! This week we’re highlighting some posts about mobile and console gaming in China and Japan. We will also share some lessons learned and opinions about mobile marketing in general. There is also a bonus tip at the end too. Check them all out below!

I’d also like to congratulate our partner Stella Games on the recent launch of the game Atlantean Mystery Gate (アトランティアンゲートの謎) on mixi platform in Japan! We’re so excited to see more awesome game launches with our partners in the time to come.

- Marcus Kay
Founder @ wizQ


China set to become largest video-game market in the world this year

Many of you know I’m very bullish on China’s mobile gaming market and expect it to become number one mobile gaming market in the world. This article from Kevin Kwong goes even further and estimates China to become the largest video-game market this year. Check it out to see why.

Anyone fancies playing League of Legends on a gaming console?

While console business has been declining in the West, new consoles are popping up in China since the government lifted its ban last year. This time, it is from Tencent, the China’s internet giant who is also the owner of Riot (developer of League of Legends) and Epic Games (developer of Gears of War). The console, named TGP Box, can run games like League of Legends and other hit titles. Does anyone want to give it a shot?


What You Need to Know About Japan’s Mobile Gaming Industry

The Japanese mobile market is one of the largest in the world for mobile gaming revenue and it continues to grow. This report from App Annie tells you more about the opportunities and the challenges for Western developers, such as the local competition and localization strategy.

If Marvel’s Civil War Starred Anime Girls

On the topic of localization, have you ever wondered how Captain America: Civil War movie would look like if the superheroes were all localized as anime heroines? Check out this post showing the crossover with The Idolmaster. You can also watch the movie trailer here.

Apple recently reduced app review times. Why?

Apple cuts App Store approval time to just one day. That’s an awesome news for all iOS developers. But why does Apple make such a move out of the blue? This post from Eric Seufert tells you why.