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There is this product I and my close colleague cooking almost since 2018. Every iteration of the product seemed to be a rear view mirror driving. There were 3 of those iterations. The first was about being a better trader, the second was about being a wiser trader until third one has become about being wiser with your money.

Along the way I have derived an important personal principle. While great insight emerges from trenches, untill most of the dots to a massive vision become available in your dreamy eyes, do not build something small.

And if a product has to have a heart, it must remain true to a single simple and great vision reflected in all it’s parts — consistent, with integrity and continuity.

Ours will be to help people get a wiser counsel on their finances.

We now have all those dots. So we will begin today on Shree Rama Navami!

Jai Shree Rama.




Offers Wizzer Counsel On People’s Money

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Kaushal Trivedi

Kaushal Trivedi

|| Product Designer, Tech Entrepreneur, Trader, ब्राह्मण ||

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