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WLSDM for WebLogic

About WLSDM for WebLogic Product and New Updates (WLSDM, wlsdm.com, Blog Portal, Support System…)

Hi there,

Many thanks and greetings to WebLogic Community. Recently we have updated our websites and products:

  1. Updated our website portal. www.wlsdm.com
    We like responsive and interactive modes. Our new portal is more interactive and responsive. We have added more resources for WLSDM and Oracle WebLogic Monitoring.
  2. Released our new BLOG subdomain. Anymore we’re going to share our thoughts/researches&developments on this platform.
  3. We added “Fusion Middleware Oracle Service Bus (FMW OSB)” module to WLSDM package officially.
  4. We’ve updated our Community&Support portal. It’s more basic and targeted to solve WebLogic monitoring issues. community.wlsdm.com
  5. New WLSDM v2.5.2 released. Here is the latest change log.

This was really a big and complete release for our team. We have redesigned every detail about WLSDM product and its future approach.

What we achieved so far?

  • WebLogic administrators and developers liked our product very much and we’re getting very positive feedbacks. We already knew that there are lots of APM tools for WebLogic but none of them is just like WLSDM. We do this naturally on Oracle WebLogic. That’s why we call WLSDM as native WebLogic monitoring. WLSDM is not a transaction based central APM tool. We really know that if you already have the best APM tool; in some cases, you even don’t understand the root-cause of the problem. So, we created WLSDM to facilitate troubleshooting, increasing WebLogic domain quality and oferring WebLogic management and monitoring standards.
  • We have experience that, most of WebLogic domains are NOT tidy, healthy and being monitored well. WLSDM is a good opportunity for increasing your WebLogic domain performance and service quality. Firstly, understand all the alerts and notifications that WLSDM sends, then diagnose them with auto dumps. Finally, produce solutions to prevent recurrence.
  • WLSDM also offers additional solution/infrastructure which already have their transaction based expensive APM tools on their WebLogic domains. We have customers that use APM tools and WLSDM at the same time. And they reported us, we understand WLSDM much more than our APM tools. They mostly troubleshoot their live problems bu using WLSDM, anymore.

More than 1600 WLSDM package downloads and daily +1000 standard edition usage on WebLogic domains. This is an extreme performance and result for our products. Hope we work with more proactive WebLogic engineers in near future together.

Our Oracle SOA module is composite based and Oracle OSB module is service based monitoring solution. We are very proud that we have important clients use these modules with WLSDM by their valuable WebLogic-SOA administrators.

We like opensource and enterprise compositions. We are very familiar with open-source culture and people. But we’re a little bit disappointed about few enterprise professionals. Most of enterprise professionals, need to take more initiative for their daily operations. Because, your are the person who solves the WebLogic IT infrastructure problems.

We still want to hear about your requests about WebLogic monitoring. We are quite ready to offer solution about your monitoring requests but only a few request is created on our community portal. We need more interaction, communication and motivation. That is how open-source culture does. We need to mix it :) community.wlsdm.com/topic/18/wlsdm-new-features-requests/3

We are offering fully free enterprise edition license for the personal/consultant usages. Here is the URL how to apply: www.wlsdm.com/get-free-enterprise-license

We are giving additional evaluation key till you convinced about WLSDM.

Finally, we want to create more active community about WLSDM and WebLogic, FMW. Hope you will help us and take authority for doing this. Remember! We need your knowledge, guidance and motivation… Please use below comment area for the feedbacks ;)

Kind Regards..



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