How to Decrypt/Encrypt WebLogic and Datasource Password via WLSDM?

WLSDM for WebLogic
WLSDM for WebLogic
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3 min readJan 17, 2019

We prepared how to decrypt WebLogic passwords and how WLSDM decrypt WebLogic passwords(even other domains passwords) easily.

Where do we use this feature?

Consider a scenario you have one domain cloned by another domain and you have to add datasources to new domain. In this scenerio use WLSDM Decrtypt/Encrypt feature and get WebLogic data source username and passwords quickly !

1.The OLD way; wlst scripts!
2.WLSDM Feature: Decrypt/Encrypt WebLogic passwords
3.WLSDM Feature: Decrypt WebLogic passwords

Lets see How its works step by step!

1. The OLD way; wlst scripts!
Navigate to /oracle_common/common/bin
Execute the

You will get WLST prompt in offline mode. Than set the following variables. (Replace the domain path with yours)

domain = “/home/madops/oracle/domains”  
service =
encryption =

Now we have to find our encyrpted password. Execute the below command to find your encrypted password.

grep -R “{AES}”

Note: encrypted code starting with AES you can find in a file.

Replace the the value of with the copied value from in the below command;

print “Weblogic server Admin password : %s” %encryption.decrypt(“<encrypted_value>“)

Finally the WebLogic password will be display.

2.How WLSDM decrypt WebLogic passwords(even other WebLogic domains) and datasource passwords easily? Lets see how it works…

2.1 Go to WLSDM Console.

2.2"How to access Decrypt-Encrypt Tool?” Go to “Operational Tools & Utils > Decrypt — Encrypt”

2.3 You are able to Decrypt and Encrypt your WebLogic password. Take below screen-capture as reference.

2.4 Lets encrypt your WebLogic password and see how it works.

3. Decrypt Weblogic Data Source passwords
3.1.Go to “Domain Summary”

3.2.Navigate “Data Sources” tab then click “show password” button to see datasource password.

3.3.Finally click “Decrypt” button.

Please Watch Decrypt WebLogic Data Source Passwords youtube tutorial: