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WLSDM for WebLogic

How to Monitor SAP System Connection Health and Create Alert Mechanism?

Your Java system (WebLogic, SOA Suite, OSB… etc.) is connecting to SAP and you want to monitor remote SAP systems and calculate its response times…

Monitoring SAP System’s Response Times
Output: Response Time Chart of SAP System (millisecond)
  1. Creating the JAR file
  2. Creating Shell Script to run JAR file
  3. WLSDM Integration
  4. Setting Up ALERT Configuration
  5. About SAP Systems
  6. About SAP JCO3

1. Creating the JAR File



config.properties file
Content of config.properties file

Codes and JAR is available at GitHub

3. WLSDM Integration

Oracle WebLogic Console + WLSDM Console
WLSDM Console > Configuration > Monitoring & Diagnostics
New User DevOps MBean
Choose Embedded Script
cat output.txt
Create New Chart
SAP Response Time Alarm Configuration
SAP System UP or Down

Result-1: Is SAP System UP or DOWN?

UP_DOWN Status | 1: UP , 0:DOWN

Result-2: Is SAP Response Time is Fast or Slow?

SAP_Response_Time (millisecond)

Result-3: SAP “UP or DOWN” Alert (Responsive HTML Email)

UP or DOWN Responsive HTML Alert (Responsive HTML Email)

Result-4: SAP Response Time Alert

SAP Response Time HTML Alert (Responsive HTML Email)

What is SAP?

SAP Structure

SAP Structure
Deployment of SAP Adapter

Download WLSDM

  • M.Fevzi Korkutata
  • Mustafa Şensoy
  • Salih Özdemir
  • Alper Bulut



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