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WLSDM | WL-OPC: New Release

We are very pleased to announce that WLSDM 3.9.2 and WL-OPC 1.9.2 products are now commonly available for download on page. I will give technical details about our new release journey instead of promoting the solution. So, stay tuned, keep reading to get inspired :)

In this WLSDM/WL-OPC release pack, Slow Traces & Profiling feature is added and it really facilitates Oracle WebLogic and Fusion Middleware troubleshooting without performance penalty. This feature can be a game-changer and provide very easy route cause detection. It is pointing the exact duration which takes the most time in a slow transaction.

New year 2021, new release… Newly designed website and new look…

Tracking Transactions, Profiling and Slow Traces

In this version, we have implemented “Profiling & Slow Traces” pages to detect route causes fast and easily. Just watch below video (25 sec.) and see how can WLSDM assist you while troubleshooting Oracle WebLogic performance problems.

Oracle WebLogic Server Slow Traces & Profiling, HTTPClient Outbound Call and Callback DevOps Actions

What we did so far for this new release:

1.We have redesigned our website Normally Java developers (we) are quite bad on website designing. But I think it is not valid for us :) Have a look our website and let’s see your comments about our website. It would be great to hear what you’re thinking of. I have worked on every part of our website and worked as a frontend developer also, some times :) HTML, CSS, Design tools, Images, especially font awesome icons…

Please visit our web page and send feedback to us!

Go to →

2. We have dressed our social media pages with the new look.

Our Medium Blog Page, New Look, New Design

We hacked our medium publication page’s design :) I think it is one of my best social media page dressing we’ve ever designed. Have a look

Follow Our Medium Publication:

3. Because of pandemic, our middleware team started giving managed service for WLSDM, Java, Oracle WebLogic, Oracle Fusion Middleware and open source middleware, application server infrastructures. We have created our Managed Service and Consulting pages, have a look, If you need our assistance I am ready to serve a world class unmatched consultancy to your project with my team.

Managed Service (Remote or On-Site)

Consulting Service

Project Implementation & Upgrade Services

4. We have updated our Oracle Cloudmarketplace listing page. It is up to date and serving to Oracle middleware clients to make their daily life easier. Go to Oracle Cloudmarketplace to check our page and see other Oracle cloud solutions.

WLSDM available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Supported FMW Products

I have designed this product not only for plain Oracle WebLogic domains, also supporting and understanding all Oracle Fusion Middleware domains and doing well on production environments.

Supported Oracle FMW Products

Oracle Service Bus module and dashboards, SOA Suite module and dashboards, FMW Component dashboards… etc. only available in WLSDM and OPC products. For instance, we have implemented our custom OHS (Oracle HTTPD Server) dashboards at one of our client; after that we even don’t login to WebLogic or FMW EM console. OHSTransactionsPerMinute, TPS, ErrorCount, BackendReadTimeOut Errors, Total Transactions, BackendErrors… etc. all of them available as charts on WLSDM and HTML emails.

  • OHS Errors Total Count
  • OHS Backend Connection Refused Errors
  • OHS Backend ReadTimeOut Errors
  • OHS Incident Errors
OHS Dashboard

Central FMW and Oracle WebLogic Domain Monitoring and Management

We call WL-OPC product as OPC which is Operation Center.

Some time you need to add a JVM argument to multiple domain and multiple managed server. This operation takes much time while doing by one by applying per domain. We developed OPC Argument Manager page and decreases operational efforts while working on Oracle Middleware infrastructure. Below central and bulk management features available on OPC v1.9.1 and we have prepared very nice YouTube tutorials about their usage.

1. Adding JVM Arguments to Multiple WebLogic Domains

2. Central WebLogic Data Source Manager and Optimizer

3. Update Multiple WebLogic Domain Settings and Standardizing Domains

ReadMe Pages and Documentation

I don’t remember I have written that much documentation before. All readme pages and help pages are updated and we have added additional information about the installation and upgrade.

Here I am adding the links for the readme pages; please have look to the page. It’s really inviting page to trigger your operational excellence goals and productivity for increasing Oracle middleware operations and application support services.

WLSDM ReadMe →


OPC ReadMe →


Oracle WebLogic Server Slow Traces & Profiling

Blog Post Closing Video

WLSDM and WL-OPC What’s New

WLSDM v3.9.1 is a new feature set release. Extended backend monitoring, easier troubleshooting, detecting slow traces by ECID, OSB module service errors are the new major features

  • HTTP outbound service monitoring feature is added. Outbound HTTPClient Requests event is added to the backend monitoring module. Requires additional JVM agent argument for the activation: -Dwlsdm.agent.extendedBackendMonitoringEnabled=true
  • Service Errors page is added to the OSB module. For monitoring OSB service errors on WLSDM, developers or administrators must activate the error reporting per OSB service configuration
  • Slow Traces page is added. Monitor and report the slow traces and track them via ECID. Anymore analyzing slow transactions is available on WLSDM
  • DiskUsage MBeans are added by default for the OS mount points. Disk usage percentage can be added on the JMX MBean Browser page
  • FileExplorer page is enhanced. Permission and privilege support for admin and non-admin users is added. File listing limit is configurable anymore, the default value is 1000. Granting access for protected files and directories is supported and configurable for non-admin users
  • Callback action/script can be triggered after GenericDevOpsMBean execution. Callback action/script result set can be added to the GenericDevOpsMBean metric alert emails
  • WLSDM console admin mode feature is added. Only WebLogic administrators were able to access WLSDM admin and config pages. Anymore this feature is configurable, it is able to grant access for non-admin users. system.authorization.wlsdm.console.administrators setting is available on the “Configuration > WLSDM System Settings > System Authorization (tab)” page
  • Disabling super admin mode functionality is added. Data source password decryption and “Decrypt/Encrypt page” features are configurable anymore. Adding “-Dwlsdm.system.adminModeDisabled=true” JVM argument to WebLogic Administration Server disables “Domain Summary > Data Source Password Decryption” and “Decrypt/Encrypt page”
  • ECID field is added to backend detail modal windows and notifications pages, emails for all ECID supported event types
  • Alert generation decision threshold property is added for WebLogic health monitoring. WLSDM generates a HEALTH ALERT notification for the second valid occurrence by using this property with the default ‘2’ value

WL-OPC v1.9.1 is a central Oracle WebLogic/FMW management and bulk configuration release and contains many new features

  • New module bulk WebLogic JVM Argument Manager is added. Anymore it is possible to add/remove JVM argument for multiple WebLogic domain selections
  • New module bulk WebLogic Data Source Manager is added. Anymore it is possible to tune/optimize or edit important WebLogic data source settings for multiple WebLogic domain selections
  • New module bulk WebLogic Domain Settings Standardizer feature is added. Anymore it is possible to configure important WebLogic domain and managed server settings for multiple WebLogic domain selections
  • New module WL-OPC rest API is published. It is possible to call and integrate WL-OPC rest services
  • New “opc status” operation argument is added. Checks opc process and prints opc PID
  • New “opc preupgrade” operation argument is added. Prepares WL-OPC to upgrade
  • file is added to WL-OPC package and comes out of box anymore. Offer better fresh installation experience
  • WLSDM and WL-OPC certification matrix infrastructure is developed and the documentation table is available on anymore

Getting Started

Getting Started…

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