WLSDM for WebLogic
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WLSDM for WebLogic

WebLogic Linux Disk Usage and Delete Action

WLSDM disk usage dashbord displays linux server mount point disks ”/appdata”, “/ROOT”, “/data” etc. WLSDM custom action triggers when disk usage exceeds the threshold. Below custom Devops MBean and custom action explains how to display disk usage control by WLSDM DevOps MBean.

WLSDM DevOps MBean Script:

“WLSDM-LinuxDiskUsage.sh“ script for display mount disks and “WLSDM-LinuxFindandDelete.sh” custom action for decrease linux server disk usage.

WLSDM Custom Action:

Find and Delete x Days Before in server logs and sploutput batch logs.

WLSDM Chart Output:



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