WLSDM for WebLogic
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WLSDM for WebLogic

Two brand new trailers are available for Oracle WebLogic management: WLSDM for WebLogic & WL-OPC Teaser Trailer

May the new year 2019 bring you defect-less codes, high performance applications and light to guide your path to find root-causes easily for your WebLogic domains.

WLSDM for WebLogic Teaser Trailer — Best and Native WebLogic Monitoring

WLSDM: Smart Dashboards and Monitoring for WebLogic Deploy in minutes! Facilitate troubleshooting and monitoring NOW!

• Monitoring WebLogic Domain Health

• Monitoring WebLogic JVM System Resources

• Monitoring WebLogic Garbage Collection Durations

• Monitoring WebLogic Server Metrics

• Monitoring WebLogic Deployment Metrics

• Monitoring WebLogic Data Source Metrics

• Monitoring WebLogic Application Response Times

• Monitoring WebLogic Back-end: JDBC, EJB, Socket and File Events

• Various WebLogic Profiling Dump Files: Auto generation and analyze later

• WebLogic Health History and Health Notifications

• WebLogic JMX Metric Notifications

• WebLogic Application Response Times Notifications

• WebLogic Back-end Event Notifications

• WebLogic JMX Metric Reports

• WebLogic Back-end Systems Top Events

• WebLogic Application Response Times Top Request

• Operational Tools & Utils: WebLogic Logs Viewer & Tailer

• Operational Tools & Utils: Web Based WebLogic Files Explorer

• Operational Tools & Utils: WLSDM WebLogic Scripting Tool Web Console

• Operational Tools & Utils: View Smart Dashboard Logs

• Operational Tools & Utils: Decrypt and Encrypt WebLogic Passwords

• Operational Tools & Utils: Monitor Smart Dashboard Agents

• Domain Overview: WebLogic Domain Summary

• Domain Overview: WebLogic Time-out Values

• Configuration: Smart Dashboard Settings

• Configuration: Metric Settings and WebLogic JMX MBean Browser

• Configuration: WebLogic Monitoring & Diagnostics Settings

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Trailer YouTube Link:

Trailer YouTube Link:


WL-OPC (WLSDM OPERATION CENTER) is the central Operation and Notification system which enables to manage Application Server infrastructure.

Consolidate all your Oracle FMW WebLogic domain health and states in a single page.

Deliver health notifications centrally!

Watch the trailer to learn what you can do with WL-OPC.


No need to write WLST scripts anymore. Use WLSDM instead

1. Writing and deploying a WLST script for a WebLogic domain is about one hour, installation of WLSDM is one minute. WLSDM is a “Plug & Play” solution. After WLSDM installation all your current WLST scripts are ready to use and start monitoring your WebLogic domain resources and increase your WebLogic domain performance immediately.

2. While monitoring WebLogic domains mostly administrators prefer to use WLST (WebLogic Scripting Tool) scripts but there are more efficient and robust way available to monitor WebLogic domain resources like health status and states of servers (JVMs), deployments, data sources and JMS resources etc.

3. WLST scripts are volatile and it is really difficult to transfer know-how from one team member to another. Setup a real and pro solution at your company and increase the operational excellence quality real fast.

Read more about WLST and WLSDM Comparison here:



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