WLSDM for WebLogic
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WLSDM for WebLogic

WebLogic Performance Monitoring

What is WebLogic?
WebLogic is an Oracle product that performs the role of the application server. The software application is a middleware that connects between back-end applications like databases and related applications with browser-based thin clients. WebLogic is used to develop and deploy J2EE applications. J2EE is the standard platform for developing multitier enterprise applications based on the Java programming language.

Performance Comparison in WebLogic Resources

WLSDM WebLogic System Resources Page

IDE’s: WebLogic can be used by various development tools like Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ etc. Whereas IBM has provided an IDE called MyEclipse that has the full support of WebSphere, it is available as a paid version.

Server Performance: WebLogic takes less effort and time even in production servers.WebSphere takes some time to get the server up and running.

Deployment: WebLogic provides multiple ways to deploy an application like command line interface,web-based interface, a command line tool to automate deployment and configuration and operation. whereas WebSphere also provides several ways for deployment like hot deployment (Directly copy files to deployed application folder in WebSphere), WebSphere specific ant tasks and building automated scripts for deploying the application, administrative console.

WebLogic has three editions

  1. Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition
  2. Oracle WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition
  3. Oracle WebLogic Suite.

WebLogic Performance Monitoring with WLSDM

Monitoring JMX MBean Objects
Just configure JMX metric value thresholds according to your WebLogic domains, then WLSDM generates ALERT and CLEAR notifications. WLSDM has a robust alarm mechanism which has counter, clear, alert… mechanisms.

WLSDM Email Alert Notification

Monitoring Back-End Resources
It is very easy to monitor backend systems by using WLSDM Back-end monitoring module.

  • JDBC Satement Execute (SQLs)
  • EJB Business Method Invoke
  • Webservices JAXWS Endpoint
  • Servlets
  • Socket I/O (Outbound HTTP Endpoints)
  • File I/O

WLSDM JDBC Dashboard

Monitoring WebLogic JVM Resources
Use “JVM System Resources” smart dashboard page and monitor HEAP (Memory) and CPU usage. WLSDM able to monitor AdminSever and ManagedServer’s JVM heap usage, JVM CPU usage, server(machine) CPU usage…

WLSDM JVM Performance Monitoring

…And Much More

  • WebLogic Managed Server(s), Deployments, Data Sources and JMS Health and State Monitoring & Dashboard
  • WebLogic Health and State History
  • WebLogic Managed Server(s), Deployments, Data Sources and JMS JMX MBean Metric Monitoring & Dashboard
  • Unlimited User Defined JMX Metric Monitoring & Dashboard
  • JVM System Resources Monitoring: Heap, CPU
  • Log Monitoring & Notifications
  • Response Time Monitoring & Notifications
  • Back-end Systems Dashboard, Monitoring & Notifications
  • Profiling Dumps
  • User Defined JMX Metric Actions
  • Metric Reports
  • Back-end System Reports
  • Log Viewer & Tailer
  • WLST Web Console
  • Thread Dump Analyzer
  • Decrypt & Encrypt Tool
  • WebLogic Domain Overview (Summary)
  • Domain Time-out Values Summary
  • JMX Metric Browser
  • JMX MBean Search
  • Email (SMTP) and Trap (SNMP) Notification Support
  • Customizable HTML Email Templates
  • Automated Data Archiving
  • Independent/Standalone Admin Server Monitoring

WLSDM installation is really easy and you can setup a complete monitoring infrastructure in less than 5 minutes. If you want to try then go to WLSDM download page. (Download link is available at below)



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