WLSDM for WebLogic
WLSDM for WebLogic
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Native WebLogic Monitoring

WLSDM is an enterprise “WebLogic console extension” which enables monitoring for WebLogic JMX MBean metrics and all the WebLogic domain assets (Health, Servers, Applications, Data Sources, JMS… etc.). It is very easy to create alarm and notification definitions by using WLSDM metric browser. WLSDM can store any WebLogic metric value historically and also can generate graphical reports.

WLSDM Key Features

No additional server, database, memory, CPU and operational cost is required!

Our Customers are Our Partners

Did you know that WLSDM serves 14 countries around the world? In 2015 with WLSDM, we entered the APM market, which requires high technical competence and R&D vision.

We keep investing in R&D to provide the best quality services to our customers.As Volthread, we provide industry-independent services by focusing on monitoring Production systems, improving and enhancing their performance.

We have built Native and responsive WebLogic monitoring application.

HEALTH Dashboard and Monitoring

Health dashboard page is the home page of WLSDM and lists all the WebLogic domain resources at one page. All the states and health values are listed for per WebLogic server instance.

Historical Data: Store WebLogic MBean Metrics

WLSDM can store your application’s or WebLogic domain’s MBean metrics data historically. It is very easy to see old alarms and metric data. For this feature, WLSDM does not require any 3rd party database installation requirement.

WLSDM can store any WebLogic metric values historically and also can generate graphical reports.

Monitor Application Response Times

WLSDM can monitor application response times for each WebLogic managed server. It’s possible to enable threshold for the URIs and generate alarms. WLSDM calculates average response times for the relevant URI and generates alarms.

Monitor and Visualize WebLogic MBean Metrics

Just configure JMX metric value thresholds according to your WebLogic domains, then WLSDM generates ALERT and CLEAR notifications. WLSDM has a robust alarm mechanism that has counter, clear, alert… mechanisms.

Scheduler Module

Add any kind of script then schedule it. Add “Quartz Cron Jobs” and visualize WebLogic CRON operations
Add Downtime job and stop all WLSDM monitoring or notifications for the specified date/time interval automatically

WLSDM Actions

When something goes wrong, WLSDM collects important dump data for future investigation.

JVM thread dump (.log File)

  • JVM heap dump (.hprof File)
  • Java Flight Recorder (JFR) (.jfr File)

Download and View Profiling Dumps

All the dump files taken by WLSDM are listed on “Dumps” page under Monitoring & Performance category Thread dump analyzing is always the tough part of the performance issues.

WLSDM SOA-Suite Module

WLSDM SOA Monitoring, Diagnostics & Report Modules

SOA Smart Dashboards

  • Monitoring BPEL Engine (Only 11g)
  • BPEL Engine Dashboard (Historical — Only 11g)
  • Monitoring Composite Performance
  • Monitoring Callback and Invoke
  • Monitoring Composite Faults
  • Monitoring Deployed Composites Trend
  • Summarizing Composite List & Endpoint URIs

SOA Notifications and Alarms

  • BPEL Engine Notifications
  • Composite Performance Notifications
  • Callback and Invoke (DLV_MESSAGE) Notifications
  • Composite Faults and Errors Notifications

SOA Reports

  • Reporting SOA BPEL Engine
  • Reporting SOA Composite Performance
  • Reporting SOA Callback and Invoke (DLV_MESSAGE)
  • Reporting SOA Composite Faults and Errors

SOA Daily Reports (EMAIL)

  • Daily SOA Report for Composite Performance
  • Daily SOA Report for Callback and Invoke (DLV_MESSAGE)
  • Daily SOA Report for Composite Faults and Errors
  • Daily SOA Report for Deployed Composites Trend


WLSDM OSB Monitoring, Diagnostics & Report Modules

OSB Smart Dashboards

  • ProxyService Performance
  • Deployed OSB Services Trend
  • Service List & Endpoint URIs

OSB Notifications and Alarms

  • ProxyService Performance Notifications

OSB Daily Reports (EMAIL)

  • Daily OSB Report for ProxyService Performance
  • Daily OSB Report for Deployed Services Trend

Our Products = Our Reference

Get Enterprise Support and Meet Our Solutions!

Would you like to get enterprise support, training or consulting from our expert team who have developed first and only commercial extension to Oracle WebLogic Server?

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Services and Consulting

  • Oracle WebLogic Server, Apache Tomcat, IBM WebSphere, Red Hat JBoss, Microsoft IIS Expertise
  • Manage Service for Application Operations and Management (L1/L2 Application Servers and Web Servers)
  • Enterprise Architecture and Integration
  • Middleware and Service Oriented Architecture
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  • Oracle WebLogic and FMW Products Upgrade Projects
  • Boutique Training (Oracle WebLogic, JBoss EAP, DevOps, SOA, Middleware and Java)
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