WLSDM for WebLogic
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WLSDM for WebLogic


Native WebLogic Monitoring

WLSDM Key Features

HEALTH Dashboard and Monitoring

Historical Data: Store WebLogic MBean Metrics

Monitor Application Response Times

Monitor and Visualize WebLogic MBean Metrics

Scheduler Module

WLSDM Actions

  • JVM heap dump (.hprof File)
  • Java Flight Recorder (JFR) (.jfr File)

Download and View Profiling Dumps

WLSDM SOA-Suite Module

  • Monitoring BPEL Engine (Only 11g)
  • BPEL Engine Dashboard (Historical — Only 11g)
  • Monitoring Composite Performance
  • Monitoring Callback and Invoke
  • Monitoring Composite Faults
  • Monitoring Deployed Composites Trend
  • Summarizing Composite List & Endpoint URIs
  • BPEL Engine Notifications
  • Composite Performance Notifications
  • Callback and Invoke (DLV_MESSAGE) Notifications
  • Composite Faults and Errors Notifications
  • Reporting SOA BPEL Engine
  • Reporting SOA Composite Performance
  • Reporting SOA Callback and Invoke (DLV_MESSAGE)
  • Reporting SOA Composite Faults and Errors
  • Daily SOA Report for Composite Performance
  • Daily SOA Report for Callback and Invoke (DLV_MESSAGE)
  • Daily SOA Report for Composite Faults and Errors
  • Daily SOA Report for Deployed Composites Trend


  • ProxyService Performance
  • Deployed OSB Services Trend
  • Service List & Endpoint URIs
  • ProxyService Performance Notifications
  • Daily OSB Report for ProxyService Performance
  • Daily OSB Report for Deployed Services Trend

Our Products = Our Reference

Get Enterprise Support and Meet Our Solutions!

Services and Consulting

  • Oracle WebLogic Server, Apache Tomcat, IBM WebSphere, Red Hat JBoss, Microsoft IIS Expertise
  • Manage Service for Application Operations and Management (L1/L2 Application Servers and Web Servers)
  • Enterprise Architecture and Integration
  • Middleware and Service Oriented Architecture
  • Software and Product Development, Custom Enterprise Software Project Implementation
  • Datacenter or Cloud Application Infrastructure Migrations
  • Application Operations and Infrastructure Operations Support
  • L1/L2 Operational Remote Support and Outsourcing.
  • Modernization of Legacy Software Applications (Re-Development or Re-Designing)
  • Oracle WebLogic and FMW Products Upgrade Projects
  • Boutique Training (Oracle WebLogic, JBoss EAP, DevOps, SOA, Middleware and Java)
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Native Oracle WebLogic Monitoring WLSDM is developed by the best WebLogic developers for the best WebLogic administrators to support mission critical HA domains. Supports all plain WebLogic and Fusion Middleware (FMW) WebLogic domains. Download now! https://wlsdm.com/download

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