WLSDM for WebLogic
WLSDM for WebLogic
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WL-OPC (WLSDM OPERATION CENTER) is the central Operation and Notification system
which enables to manage Application Server infrastructure.

WL-OPC Monitoring Features
WL-OPC Key Features

Lord of the WLSDM consoles. One console to rule all your Oracle FMW Infrastructure!

  • One console to find all notifications,
  • One console to bring all FMW WebLogic domains together,
  • …in the L1/L2 darkness bind and manage them!

Central Health Dashboard

Consolidate all your Oracle FMW WebLogic domain health and states in a single page.

Deliver health notifications centrally!

Domain AdminServer Monitoring

Monitor and receive notifications for the all registered WebLogic AdminServer health states

Oracle WebLogic Domains Bookmark Page

WebLogic Domain Bookmark: Detect and display all standard WebLogic console links and provide authentication support for the logged in user. Save time, jump to FMW consoles or any other custom links… etc.

Oracle WebLogic Domain Asset Management (Inventory)


WebLogic Domain Inventory: Stores all information for the registered domains; including hardware, operating system and each WebLogic managed server’s JVM information.

Report Modules

Stores daily ALERT notification statistics data. Provide custom/pre-defined notification reports and visualize them by using interactive charts. Compare WebLogic domain performances, understand which WebLogic domains have weak performance then report them all

Central Notification Delivery and Central Notification Dashboards

  1. Display all notifications on a single dashboard page
  2. Each notification type has its own notification dashboard
  3. View all the generated HTML emails in the notification dashboards. Search old notifications then view HTML emails on the WL-OPC console. Do not lost in the mail client inbox folders. Advanced search is available for the all kinds of FMW WebLogic notifications.
  4. Consolidate and view all open health and metric notifications in a single dashboard. Easiest way to find which WebLogic domains have open notification and need to be solved. Make your L1/L2 teams life easy and increase customer satisfaction.

Available Notification Types

  1. Domain / AdminServer
  2. Health
  3. Metric
  4. Garbage Collection
  5. Response Times
  6. Log Inspector
  7. Back-end System
  8. Scheduler
  9. OSB / Service Performance
  10. SOA / Composite Performance
  11. SOA / Composite Faults
  12. SOA / Callbacks & Invokes
  13. Response Times Top Requests
  14. Back-end Systems Top Events
  15. OSB / Service Performance Reports
  16. OSB / Deployed Services Reports
  17. SOA / Composite Performance Reports
  18. SOA / Composite Faults Reports
  19. SOA / Callbacks & Invokes Reports
  20. SOA / Deployed Composites Reports

Compare WebLogic Managed Server JVM Arguments

  1. Compare and analyze JVM runtime and startup arguments
  2. Find missing or different JVM runtime or startup arguments easily then align all your JVM arguments

Central WLSDM Configurations

Load & edit all ‘WLSDM System Settings’ in a single page and apply changes to all registered WLSDM domains

Security: Authentication & Authorization

  1. Supports hybrid security layer. Local and/or remote LDAP authentication and authorization.
  2. Simply integrate your LDAP server with WL-OPC then authenticate.

Create Mail Groups and Recipients

  1. Add email addresses, create unlimited mail groups and bind them to WebLogic domains or notification types
  2. Match teams with WebLogic domains then delivery notifications for the relevant L1/L2 teams

Notification Delivery Rules

Create unlimited notification rules by notification type and rules are global. You can use all notification data and daily notification statistics to decide what’s next with your own executable scripts.

Notification Actions

Generate and bind custom actions for any kind of notification types. Use this DevOps feature and automate your custom solutions scripts centrally.

Company Signature

Design and configure your company signature to the HTML email notifications as a footer. Then increase your team reputation for your customer satisfaction.

We have built Central WebLogic monitoring and management application for L1/L2 teams.

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