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New Website: WLSDM Community Forum for Oracle FMW People

WLSDM Community: New Website

We have released our new WLSDM Community website. I have worked very hard for the upgrade and finally new release deployed successfully without downtime. Only a small DNS update. While switching to the new version only a little bit CloudFlare cache problem we had. Not so easy, not so hard :)

I was planing to increase interactivity for the community platform and hope these brand new features and functionalities would help the WLSDM community to resolve issues more quickly.

Anymore WLSDM community forum;

More responsive,

More modern,

More interactive,

More community user friendly!

I would like to give additional information about WLSDM community forum.

What you will see on WLSDM community?

WLSDM Community stands for the best WebLogic developers and administrators to support mission-critical high available domains to complete operational excellence of middleware application support teams. WLSDM supports all plain Oracle WebLogic domains and Oracle Fusion Middleware (FMW) WebLogic domains such as Oracle ADF, SOA Suite, Oracle Service Bus (OSB), Business Intelligence (OBIEE), E-Business Suite (EBS), Oracle Utilities Application Framework (OUAF)… etc.

Which categories are available on WLSDM community?

General Support & Troubleshooting

Post your WLSDM issues and all about Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Fusion Middleware Products such as SOA Suite, OSB, ADF, IDM, B2B, Forms and Reports, EBS, OBIEE, Oracle Utilities, OUAF, CCB, C2M, MDM… etc.

L2 Monitoring & Automation

Submit your monitoring and automation requests or share your solution with the community. Useful WLSDM Generic DevOps MBeans, Scheduler, Auto Actions… etc.

Feature Requests

Submit or vote for features that you’d like to see in WLSDM

Our community and medium blog portal traffic is increasing constantly. We are feeding Java, Oracle Fusion Middleware and WebLogic Server community continuously. Follow our medium publication and receive technology updates, use cases, sample codes, tutorials… daily, weekly!

“400–450 unique subject matter people are visiting only WLSDM Community portal daily. Our project and solutions are getting bigger and bigger. Please visit: https://community.wlsdm.com or https://blog.wlsdm.com “ Fevzi Korkutata | Product Manager

Please visit our community forum and register here:

Fevzi Korkutata
CTO @ Volthread | Product Manager | Oracle ACE

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Native Oracle WebLogic Monitoring WLSDM is developed by the best WebLogic developers for the best WebLogic administrators to support mission critical HA domains. Supports all plain WebLogic and Fusion Middleware (FMW) WebLogic domains. Download now! https://wlsdm.com/download

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