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How to monitor WebLogic Outbound HTTP Socket connection via WLSDM?

How To Decrypt Datasource Password Via WLSDM?

  1. Go to “Domain Summary”
  2. Navigate “Data Sources” tab then click “show password” button to see datasource password.
  3. Finally click “Decrypt” button.

How to Analyze your File “Read&Write” Performance on WLSDM ?

How to Compare JVM Arguments of WebLogic ManagedServers in WL-OPC ?

Automating WLSDM Upgrade in Multiple Domains

WL-OPC: Oracle WebLogic and FMW Domain Monitoring & Management Center

WL-OPC Central WebLogic Data Source Manager and Optimizer

WLOPC JVM Argument Manager

Multiple WebLogic Domain Settings Standardizer

End to End Complete Solution for Oracle Service Bus Performance Monitoring

How to monitor Oracle Traffic Director?

Complete End-to-End Monitoring Solution for Oracle BI (OBIEE)

Generic DevOps Disk Usage MBean Tutorial

Installation and Console Usage: Oracle JCS (Java Cloud Service) or On-Premise (Newest)

WLSDM JVM System Resources Dashboard Tutorial

  • Server/JVM CPU Load
  • Heap Usage
  • Heap Size
  • Heap Free Size
  • Garbage Collection Durations

WLSDM SOA Suite Tutorial

  • SOA Smart Dashboards
  • SOA Notifications and Alarms
  • SOA Reports
  • SOA Daily Reports (EMAIL)

WLSDM OSB Module Tutorial

  • OSB Smart Dashboards
  • OSB Notifications and Alarms
  • OSB Reports
  • OSB Daily Reports (EMAIL)

WLSDM Dashboard Usage Tutorial

  • WebLogic Managed Server(s)
  • Data Sources
  • Deployments
  • JMS Server(s)
  • Garbage Collection

WLSDM Alert Actions Tutorial

  • Thread Dump
  • Java Fligh Recorder (JFR)
  • CPU Sample
  • Heap Dump
  • WLDF Image

How to monitor applications’ database statements (JDBC SQL) and performance on Oracle WebLogic Server?

WLSDM Metric Browser and Email Usage Tutorial

WLSDM Response Times and Log Inspector Tutorial

  • OutOfMemory
  • Unchecked Exceptions
  • DeadLock
  • Heap Space
  • Stuck Thread
  • General Severity Error…

WebLogic JMX MBean Metric Monitoring Tutorial and WLSDM MBean Dashboards

Health Monitoring and Health Dashboard

  • WebLogic Server Health
  • WebLogic Server States
  • Health/State ALERT and CLEAR emails
  • Data Source Health/State
  • Deployments Health/State
  • JMS Server Health/States

How to export/import WLSDM settings, definitions and configurations for multiple WLSDM installation as a standard setup?

  1. Go to “WLSDM System Settings” page
  2. Open “Page Operations” menu then click “Export WLSDM Configuration” button
  3. Switch to new WLSDM installation in different/antoher WebLogic domain
  4. In the begining of “WLSDM Wizard” click “Import WLSDM Config” button then upload the exported file

How to add JMX MBean objects (metrics) to dashboards via WLSDM MBean Browser?

  1. Go to “Metric Settings & JMX Browser” page
  2. Click “Add New JMX MBean Metrics” from page operations menu
  3. Search metric then select “Server, Metric Group and Metric” from the MBean Browser
  4. Configure metric options then click “Add To List” button to “Save”
  5. Newly added metric is going to be available in the assigned smart dashboard(s)

Smart Dashboards Display Settings

  1. Go to “Smart Dashboards” pages (i.e.Smart Dashboards > Servers)
  2. Configure smart dashboards display settings by using “Page Operations” menu

How to change “Back-end Monitoring” alarm thresholds?

  1. Go to “Monitoring & Diagnostic Page”
  2. Go to “Back — end Systems” tab and click “Edit button”
  3. Edit alarm thresholds in “Modal Window”

How to create “Custom Log Monitoring” in LogInspector?

  1. Go to “Monitoring & Diagnostics” page
  2. Click “Add New Log Monitoring” from page operations menu
  3. Set “Log Inspector Monitoring Name” then choose “Log Type” as “Create New”
  4. Add “Search String”
  5. Select server(s) to monitor log files
  6. Configure tail line count and delivery settings
  7. Save newly added “Log Monitoring” definition

How to create “User Defined Actions / Scripts”?

  1. Go to “Monitoring & Diagnostic” page
  2. Open “Page Operations” menu then click “New User Defined Actions / Script” button
  3. Set name and executable target file path then click “Save”
  4. Go to Smart Dashboards (i.e.Servers) and open “Metric & Chart Options” window for the relevant MBean (i.e.StuckThreadCount)
  5. Click on “Actions — Control Field” button and open “Actions” modal window
  6. Select newly added “User Defined Action” (i.e.RestartManagedServer) and move to the right “Applied Actions” box
  7. Save action.If the metric value exceeds the threshold new actions will be fired/executed asynchronous by WLSDM

How to Delete Files With User Defined Scheduler Job?

  1. Go to “Monitoring and Diagnostic” page
  2. Define script (i.e. deletefiles.bat) and add file path to “User Defined Actions / Script”
  3. Click “New scheduled Job / Downtime” button from page operations menu
  4. Select “User Defined Actions / Script” and configure scheduler job settings
  5. Script will be activated when cron time is valid

Blog Tutorials

Advanced WebLogic Monitoring and Automation: Develop JMX MBeans

How to get WebLogic thread dump continuously?

WLSDM Usecase: Monitoring IFS / IFSWORLD

Community Posts

Monitor Oracle Database ACTIVE/INACTIVE Sessions

Monitor Database and Calculate DB Response Time on WebLogic

Monitor WebService Response Times with CURL

Quick Screen Casts (GIF)

How to get auto JVM HEAP dump and CPU sample in WebLogic?

  1. Use HeapFreePercentage MBean metric and enable ‘Heap Dump’ auto action and generate.HPROF file.
  2. Use #ProcessCPULoad MBean metric and enable ‘CPU Sample’ auto action and generate.NPSS file.

WebLogic SQL Monitoring With WLSDM Generic DevOps MBean

WebLogic Monitoring: WLSDM Generic DevOps MBean and Custom Actions

WebLogic Log Monitoring With WLSDM Custom Log Monitoring

WLSDM — WebLogic Profiling Dumps — Get Threaddump, Analyze Threaddump and Share

Adding company signature and logo to WLSDM HTML Mail Templates

WLSDM User Defined Monitoing Actions — Suspending Managed Server



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