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WLSDM for WebLogic

WLSDM Version 2 Released! Things are really different anymore

No server, No Database… No additional resources. Don’t waste your money and time.

WLSDM does not need any additional resources (Server, Database, Memory, CPU… etc.). This means you don’t need to spend operational costs for your WebLogic monitoring tool. Only keep your WebLogic Admin Server UP and HEALTHY.

If you are a senior WebLogic Administrator then show your skills by using WLSDM. WLST Web Console, User Defined Custom MBean Actions… Administrators and Developers going to love it! Do you? Designed and Developed for WebLogic Administrators & Developers

  • Centralize WLST scripts by using WLST Web Console.
  • Automate WebLogic domains by using User Defined MBean Actions.

See what’s new on Version-2: New WLSDM Features

  • Free Developer Edition (Fully Featured) — WLSDM can be used by developers for free!
  • WLSDM Quick installation Wizard is more robust anymore. Monitoring & Diagnostics step is added
  • Suggest Button for Metric Thresholds on Wizard pages
  • Get manual profiling dumps for JFR, Thread Dump, WLDF Diagnostic Image and Heap Dump
  • Self-Tuning Thread Pool Threads detail is added for HoggingThreadCount and * StuckThreadCount EMAIL notifications
  • Back-end system monitoring
  • JDBC Executement Statement
  • Webservices JAXWS Endpoint
  • EJB Business Method Invoke
  • Back-end Reports page is added
  • Operational Tools section is added
  • WLST Web Console Page
  • Storing and Executing WLST Scripts
  • Thread Dump Analyzer Page
  • Decrypt-Encrypt Page
  • Notifications are enriched
  • Metric Notifications
  • Log Inspector Notifications
  • Response Times Notifications
  • Back-end Systems Notifications
  • Enable/Disable Global Notifications for EMAIL and SNMP By One By
  • Enable/Disable All EMAIL-SNMP Notifications feature is added
  • SNMP Notification feature is added. Easy SNMP trap configuration:
  • SNMP Trap for WebLogic State and Health (Servers, Deployments, Data Sources and JMS)
  • SNMP Trap MBean Metric Values
  • SNMP Trap for WebLogic Server Logs
  • Test SMTP and SNMP settings operations are added to Configuration > System page
  • Log Inspector WLDF snippets are added
  • Dead Lock
  • Heap Space
  • Stuck Thread
  • Unchecked Exception
  • General Severity Error
  • WebLogic Domain Summary Page is added
  • Data source passwords are listed on domain summary page (Decrypted and Encrypted) — All users are forbidden except administrators.
  • View WLSDM Log Page is added
  • Response Times Chart is added to Monitoring & Diagnostics > Response Times page
  • User Defined Metric Actions feature is added. WebLogic domains can be automated according to MBean values
  • Anymore all users and user groups able to login WLSDM console. Page authorization is enriched.

Installation and Introduction Video Tutorial

Installation is really easy and you can setup a complete monitoring infrastructure in less than 5 minutes. If you want to try then go to download page below URL:



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