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WLSDM for WebLogic
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New Feature Requests

Hello WebLogic/FMW Gurus & Community,

Please use this topic for the new WLSDM feature requests, WebLogic/FMW operational feature analysis, DevOps MBean scripts, custom actions… etc.

!!!! Please add your requests as comment in this page. WLSDM Team will evaluate it as soon as possible and when the development finish we would add the request on this page !!!

— — — → WLSDM Community & Support Team

Previous Community User Requests

@tom.pinto: Just as JMX metric dashboards; is it possible to create custom back-end (JDBC, EJB, Webservice… Etc.) dashboard? It would be great to add this feature…

Reply: We’re currently working on this and it will be possible to create unlimited back-end dashboards. Another good news: Additional back-end EVENTs are coming 😊 Especially wait for Socket R/W charts…

@vanrussel_nl: Hi, We’re using WLSDM OSB Module v.2.3.1. When the official OSB module will release? Is it possible to see OSB Daily reports just as SOA module?

Reply: We are going to release new 2.5.2 version three weeks later. In this version, WLSDM-OSB Module will be released officially.
It will covers Oracle Service Bus (OSB) Daily Reports just as you mentioned. You’re going to able to get daily OSB reports for ProxyService performance and availability. FYI.

@dirk.nachbar: Hi WLSDM Team, I’ve a request for providing the required Java Arguments for the WLSDM agent under IBM JDK (AIX) within your Installation DocumentThanks in advance.
Dirk Nachbar

Reply: Hi Dirk,
These JFR (Java Fligh Recorder) arguments are valid from JDK 1.7_040 version. You can check this out: https://publib.boulder.ibm.com/httpserv/cookbook/Java-Java_Profilers.html (See “Java Mission Control (Formerly JRockit Mission Control)” section)
If your IBM-AIX environment works on Java 1.6.xx, there is no need to add these JFR parameters. Only add “-javaagent:/path/to/wlsdm_agent.jar -Dwlsdm.agent.logger.level=INFO” this means you are NOT able to monitor backend operations. But all the rest will work properly.
By the way, we are going to update our installation document by adding these additional information. Thank you for your contributions.

@dirk.nachbar On the other hand, we have released a new v2.5.2 and it covers the OSB module inline. Also update the website, blog site and community site :) For your information…

@vanrussel_nl: Hi, Is there any plan to support Weblogic out logs monitoring? It would be great if we have the options to monitor WebLogic out logs and generate notifications.

Reply: As we discussed before, you can redirect OUT logs to the WebLogic server logs then you can monitor OUT and ERR logs. On the other hands; we have implemented the CUSTOM LOG MONITORING feature for the next release. It’s possible to monitor every kind of log file on the Oracle WebLogic application server.

@vanrussel_nl: Great news! Another request: We have created our own custom Weblogic dashboards on wlsdm console; is it possible to export these wlsdm dashboards to another weblogic domain? This feature would be very helpful to us; because we setup wlsdm usually in our operations.

Reply: Hi, Thank you. We will have an export feature on the next official release. Will try to add export custom dashboards for WebLogic monitoring.

Announce: M.Fevzi Korkutata Hi All, I have created an additional DevOps MBean category about script and solution sharing. Hope we’ll see your solutions in that category. I have created two for the initial usage: https://medium.com/wlsdmforweblogic

@ozhana: Hi All, I believe that it will be very useful if WLSDM could show the composites for SOA domains which became failed after restart the managed servers.

Reply: Hi Ozhan,
We have a “Composite List” page and maybe we can track the status of Composites periodically. It is a good case to monitor failed SOA composites.
We have another option after v3.2.2 which is the scheduler. Maybe setting up a scheduled job can do this. We’ll be working on it and let you know with a technical reply.

@jorfergo: Hello. We are were interesting in have a “public” dashboard, where we can custom the metric to insert, and do only accesible this dashboard for other public (operators, management, etc). It will be needed that this dasboard only be accesible in read only mode, to block modifications/actions by the consumers.

Reply: Hi Jorge,
We are working on your issue. We have one last question;
How about login? Are these public dashboards should be restricted with logged in or not according to your requirement?

@bibarraw: Hi guys!,
Is possible to have a CUSTOM LOGs or something like that to monitor various logs files generated dinamically on some folder in the Web Logic Server? In some cases we use these kind of files to register detailed transaction procesing to have a better understanding of application test cases under the hook, obviouslly in a DevTest Env.
Great work BTW!!

Reply: Hi Bibarraw,
Thank you for your supportive comments. Custom log monitoring and every kind of log/text file management is available on WLSDM. Please check below documents and tech blog posts;

  1. Tutorial for your CUSTOM LOG request →

2. Log file view/upload/download and File Explorer →

Kind Regards…