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Investing in FindRecruiter

Today, I’m excited to announce our investment in FindRecruiter.

Our Investment Thesis

HRtech represents a key focus sector for us and we believe talent is the single most important driver behind a company’s success. As such, recruiting talent remains the number one challenge for leaders and CEOs and they continue to make heavy investments to hire and retain the best people in the market.

We met the FindRecruiter team (Lawton, Howard and Ted) earlier this year and what became immediately apparent to me was their passion to transform the way companies managed talent acquisition.

Source: FindRecruiter.com. Milestone dashboard for employers

The team’s mission to use technology to help growth companies and corporates hire great people in days fitted seamlessly into our investment thesis. In addition, with their strong recruitment experience, the team are also dedicated to help recruiters get the recognition they deserve in the hiring process, which represents another untapped market opportunity.

Our Revenue-Based Investment

One of the most impressive aspect of FindRecruiter has been their ability to demonstrate a strong product-market fit at a really early stage of the company, while building deep product capabilities and a solid foundation for them to scale going forward.

As such, we are excited to finance the company via a Revenue-Based Investment (“RBI”) structure which provides non-dilutive financing to power the next stage of the company’s growth, while the team can retain equity ownership and continue to steer the ship based on their original vision.

It is an exciting time in the HRtech space and we look forward to bringing our expertise around business development, marketing and financing to help and work together with FindRecruiter and further accelerate their growth.

Wing Lee — Partner, WNJ Ventures



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