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Investing in KIX Esports

Today, I’m excited to announce our investment in KIX esports.

Digital gaming is a key focus sector for us, representing the opportunity to tap into over 2.5 billion gamers around the world.

eSports is a fast-growing subsector which has captivated a large group of millennial and Generation Z gamers… and gradually emerging as a key alternative form of entertainment next to film, music and TV.

So the moment we met with Charles, founder of KIX eSports, we were deeply interested in his vision to build a business that really connects with next generation gamers.

And since then, our venture building team has worked extensively with KIX to build up 3 key capabilities: strategy, marketing and financing.

Firstly, our strategy include clearly defining the 3 sub-brands of the business:

  • KIX Team — the esports team organisation for KIX
  • LeaguePass — A digital esports tournament platform
  • KIX Creative — a creative agency which targets corporate brands

On marketing — we have launched several cross-region virtual tournaments, as we partner with leading game developers to create digital, immersive experiences to connect gamers globally.

We’re actually here today at the grand finals of one of our key events — Asia Mobile Esports Tournament 2021, bringing together over a thousand gamers around the world in a live stream event broadcasted in 7 languages.

And finally, we look to continue our success in securing financing from government institutions, strategic investors and corporate brands looking to join in the fast-growing tech-powered industry of esports.

It’s going to be an exciting ride and we look forward to partnering with the KIX team and helping build its community, product and business.

Wing Lee — Partner, WNJ Ventures



At WNJ Ventures, we invest in companies that use technology to transform the way millennials and generation Z learn, work and play. Our sector coverage extends across Edtech, E-Commerce, Consumer Fintech, Digital Gaming & Esport and Worktech.

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