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Venture Building Case Study: Building A Virtual Event From Zero

Our core goal is to create synergy with our portfolio companies. One of our focus is to utilise our expertise in venture building and work closely with founding teams and entrepreneurs to fund and accelerate their brand building and marketing campaigns.

At the start of 2021, our venture builders worked with the KIX Esports team to build from scratch an international virtual Esports tournament, The Asia Mobile Esports Tournament 2021. Due to the social distancing restriction as a result of COVID-19, the tournament had to be shifted online, accommodating for over 1,100+ players participating from all around the world.

Our goal was to quickly assemble a project team and leverage our operational and marketing frameworks to take care of the key tasks at hand:

  • Sponsorship funding: Secure funding and controlled the budgeting for the event.
  • Project management: Coordinating the overall project management of the event, including managing 10+ stakeholder groups from sponsors, influencers, video production team to venue provider, social media advertisers and graphic designers.
  • Creative design: To provide creative direction for key deliverables for the virtual event from the live stream broadcast content (in 7 languages), to promotion and highlight videos for the tournament.
  • Public Relations: Managing the project’s publicity pre and post event.

The event eventually attracted over 235,000+ views with 11,500 hours of content watched, rounding off 6 weeks of great, positive effort from all the team members and supporting partners involved.

Our vision is to continue to help ventures fulfil their company mission and in turn provide better products and services for millennials and generation Zs in the future.

Wing Lee, WNJ Ventures — Partner



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