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Venture Building with FamBamHK

Today, I’m excited to announce our strategic venture building partnership with Blue Lemon Digital and their family activity digital marketplace — Fambam (Hong Kong).

Millennial parents in Asia represent an exciting and meaningful customer segment. Asia is renowned for having a strong family culture and next generation parents are building on this as they look to more differentiated and unique experiences for their children.

Within this context, we foresee a structure shift in parents’ demand for products and services, which opens up plenty of market opportunities in the future.

That is why we are excited to collaborate with Elton — founder of FamBamHK and a millennial father of two — who has a strong vision to leverage technology and his personal network and experience in the family market sector to create FamBam (“family bonding and moments”) for millennial and next generation parents in Asia.

FamBamHK’s focus lies in connecting product and service providers who cater for four key areas of family needs: family activities, education, food & beverage and travel. Their initial target customer segment includes Hong Kong millennial parents, as they leverage their exclusive partnership with Eugene Group — Hong Kong’s leading baby and children brand with 30+ years of experience across retail, publishing, advertisement — and lead organiser of the bi-annual Hong Kong Baby Expo — one of the largest exhibitions held in Hong Kong each year.

The Venture building partnership will lead WNJ Ventures to explore marketing and financing opportunities in collaboration with Elton’s team, in particular:

  • Financing advisory and assistance to grow and scale the FamBamHK venture
  • User acquisition and retention (including families and service providers) on the FamBamHK marketplace
  • Targeted marketing campaigns to solidify brand awareness for FamBamHK in the Asia-Pacific region

We look forward to working closely with the team to make a true impact to our next generation of parents and children!

Wing Lee — Partner, WNJ Ventures




At WNJ Ventures, we invest in companies that use technology to transform the way millennials and generation Z learn, work and play. Our sector coverage extends across Edtech, E-Commerce, Consumer Fintech, Digital Gaming & Esport and Worktech.

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