2019 Pass It On Award Winner Spotlight: Anna Keune

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2 min readMar 24, 2020


Anna Keune remains an inspiring leader in the educational technology space since winning a Systers Pass it On Award in 2019. She successfully completed her PhD in Learning Sciences from Indiana University, and began a postdoctoral research position at the UC Irvine where she will continue investigating the role of low- and high-tech materials in STEM learning, focusing on computer science education.⁣

Anna originally entered the field hoping to learn how to design educational technology that aligned with theories and principles of how people learn. As an artist, designer, educator, she sees the invaluable role women play to promote technical innovation through diversity of thought. ⁣

“Women in technology have the opportunity to shift the landscape of technology design by questioning and counteracting ways of doing that seem innately coupled to the field of technology innovation. We can offer alternative ways of doing, knowing, and being that broaden technological practices and solutions.”⁣

She focuses her legacy in technology on broadening participation in areas of computing, as well as uncovering ways to expand what is typically defined as computing. ⁣

“For me, one approach to do this is to investigate marginalized computational materials (e.g., fiber crafts) toward craft-driven educational technology design.”⁣

Being recognized by AnitaB.org in 2019 further opened doors for Anna’s groundbreaking research in educational technology, allowing her the opportunity to receive meaningful feedback from field scholars and broadening her knowledge base for subsequent studies. ⁣

“Through the Pass It On award, I had the honor and opportunity to present early-stage findings of my dissertation at the CSCL 2019 conference, which significantly contributed to improving the quality of my work for journal publication.”⁣

— ⁣

You can win an AnitaB.org #Systers Pass It On Award, too! The cash award helps fund women in computing or projects that inspire and support girls and women to enter computing. We encourage recipients to “pass on” the benefits they gain from the award, creating a movement of women helping women. You can apply here!