Allison Deal · Software Engineer · Hulu

Allison Deal

Allison Deal · Software Engineer · Hulu

If you have ever used Hulu to stream movies or TV, you can thank Allison for providing you a flawless experience. Allison’s first experience programming was in a Java class at Washington University in St. Louis. She was initially discouraged being only woman in the course and felt like she was the only person who didn’t already know how to code. Allison earned her degree in control system engineering and started working at Boeing Company on research and development as a technical product manager. She noticed at Boeing that she was asking people to build things that she wanted to learn how to build herself. A piece of the puzzle was missing. Allison realized how learning to code could enhance her skills in signal processing. She took a Java night course at UCLA online, and enjoyed it much better the second time around.

Allison quit her job and went to Hackbright Academy, a women’s only computer science training and job prep program. Allison felt supported and empowered learning with a group of women like herself. At Hackbright she came full circle and applied her signals & systems expertise from undergrad and built a web app using Python and JavaScript to sync two different videos together when the sound played, so that you can view two perspectives at the same time with shared audio. She landed a job at Rdio as a software engineer. Now she is in charge of the entire quality of service system at Hulu, making sure your videos play smoothly on every device. Allison says “don’t be intimidated and take it one step at a time”.

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