Ayna Agarwal · Co-founder of She++ · Deployment Strategist at Palantir Technologies

Ayna Agarwal

Ayna Agarwal · Co-founder of She++ · Deployment Strategist at Palantir Technologies

When Ayna was a teenager, she pursued social impact work primarily through starting an animal welfare non profit, called SPOT Globally, which supported activities for stray animals in developing countries. Using the web as her main vehicle to connect with organizations globally, her early thinking showed signs of using technology to solve problems. She was recognized by the We Are Family Foundation as a Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leader, CNN, Time Magazine’s Tomorrow25, and more.

At Stanford University Ayna earned a degree in Science, Technology & Society with a concentration on Human–computer Interaction (HCI), combining computer science, philosophy, and design in order to critically study how technology can make an impact on humans today. She expanded her education and studied philosophy at Oxford, traveled to Tanzania to research conservation efforts in national parks, pursued user-research about rural burn victims in Nepal, and worked with Tibetan social entrepreneurs in China, among others. Now, Ayna works at Palantir building solutions to our world’s hardest problems. She has worked in cybersecurity and healthcare, where she builds systems to detects areas of healthcare fraud, which is estimated to cost a third of healthcare spending.

Ayna co founded She++ with her freshman year dorm-mate after they noticed that there were not many role models for women in Computer Science. She++ began as a forum for role models and has since grown into an international organization. They have provided video content, they’ve made a documentary, host a yearly Gala all to help engage young women in technology. This year’s Gala is on April 17th at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View and is free to all. Young girls who are interested in meeting peers, and industry professionals who are looking to support the brightness of our future are all welcome! Learn more at The She++ Gala.

Ayna says, “If you doubt yourself, trust that you’re probably creating more value that you realize. Doubt is normal, common, and even our most inspiring leaders have it.”