Biomedical Engineer Sara Hasanpour makes medical devices to help cure motion sickness

Sara Hasanpour · Biomedical Engineering Student · Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch.

“I learned about electronics and how to code back in high school when I was on the robotics team for the Robocup Challenge. I loved my robot like it was my child! Every time I added new things to the code or electronic boards and it worked perfectly, it made me really happy and enthusiastic to work even harder.”

“Now I study biomedical engineering at Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch. I design medical equipment and software used in healthcare. I also work with life scientists, chemists, and medical scientist to research the engineering aspects of the biological systems of humans and animals. In particular, I’m working on a device that helps people with motion sickness. I really like building my motion sickness helper, since I have motion sickness myself. My device will help me and other people to travel on ships and cars without getting carsick or sea sick.”

“Political and economic sanctions against Iran make researching and inventing difficult for Iranian students and engineers. We have to work harder to overcome the problems. For example, some integrated circuits and and electrical parts that I wanted to use in my project were hard to find or expensive, because of the sanctions on Iran. I had to redesign to use other things or build the parts myself.”

“My biggest dream is to become the CEO of my own biomedical design and manufacturing company! It’s a big wish! I will work hard to hopefully achieve it some day. Keep your vibes positive and don’t give up. Always try to look at the bright side. Don’t believe whatever you hear on the news! Especially when it says that all Muslims are dangerous and terrorists, because we are not!”

“I am from Iran. We are Shia and Persian, and not terrorists! Iranians are peace lovers and our country is a beautiful and historic place. I believe all the hate against us is a bad misunderstanding. There are many successful Iranian ladies working as engineers and scientists in Iran and other countries. They are hardworking and kind and all have amazing stories. By all of my heart I wish for a future full of love, peace and equality for all the people in the world!”