Rabeb Othmani · Software Engineer · MixRadio

Rabeb Othmani

Software Engineer · MixRadio

“I was brought up in a culture where success is a must and you have two options: be a doctor or be an engineer. I was very good at school, always top of my class and I loved math. I worked hard and as the time went on I started falling in love with engineering.”

“I’m proud of all the projects I contributed to, especially those that reach a wide base of users. I’m really proud of the project I’m currently working on at MixRadio. I’m building a music streaming service for different countries, different users and different musical tastes is truly amazing. I’m especially proud that I built the client for three different platforms — iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.”

Rabeb enjoys tackling challenges head on. “Challenges are part of the fun! Without them my work as an engineer would be mostly boring. Whenever I’m facing a challenge, I try to keep in mind that great feeling I get when overcoming my challenge. Before trying to solve any problem, it’s crucial to know what is exactly the problem then looking for a solution is the easy part. A challenge is an opportunity to learn.”

“Empowering other women is a way I empower myself by advocating to bring more women into engineering and coding.” Rabeb is the director of Women Who Code Tounes and the city lead for Women Who Code Bristol. She’s also a STEM Ambassador and on the leadership board of Arab Women In Computing. She’s spoken at the Arab Women in Computing conference and was on the “Hunna” show Al Hurra TV speaking about her experience in tech.

“Just because we are a minority in the tech industry, doesn’t mean it should stay as it is. Women can be successful in tech just like men, all we need is to leave the comfort zone, raise our voices and get the credit we deserve for our work.”