Rashmeet Kaur · Mechanical Engineer · Honda Cars India

Rashmeet Kaur

Mechanical Engineer · Honda Cars India

“I am a mechanical engineer and I build super-mileage cars. I now work with Honda Cars India Limited. I have always loved studying about the engines and I always wanted to build something on my own. I took some mechanical engineering classes as a challenge after I was told girls are too sissy for engineering. In India, a girl is laughed upon when a she says she is a mechanical engineer. I knew I had to lead this change by my example.”

“I spent most of my college life in machine shop building cars. In my freshman year of college at Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women, I built Asia’s first bamboo chassis used for a super-mileage vehicle with a group of other women students under Shell Eco Marathon Malaysia 2013. Our car was selected as one of the Top 24 Innovations of the country in 2013 by ET NOW. The next year, I led my team when we showcased our vehicle in INDO-US Knowledge Expo 2014. I also built an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that was capable of extinguishing fire in my sophomore year. Over the next two years, I founded world’s one and only all women supermileage team (Team Panthera). In a span of 15 months, we built a supermileage vehicle named IRIS. We participated in SAE Supermileage, Marshall, Michigan , 2016 and got ranked 7th globally and also won the best overall team attitude award.”

“I leaned in everyday to overcome my fears. When no one else has faith in you, you have to become your own support. I am motivated by my vision to change to break stereotypes. I cannot be like people around me. I have to be different. I have to be myself. I like being a badass rebel who leads by her example. Be the change you wish to see in this world. And I love challenging myself to do something I haven’t done before.”

“NEVER give up. I failed over 60 times in four years when it came to my projects. Failing is an important part of the journey. It makes success all worth it. No matter what happens. Keep moving on without giving it a thought time and again. Even if you are failing, it is a good thing because your experiences make you.”