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5 Things Your Brand Needs to Start Doing Right Now

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Customers connect with brands, not products. It is out of love for the brand that they interact with the products.

The first question to ask is this: how do customers discover my brand?

This is simple. With 81% of customers conducting online research before buying a product or service, your brand’s online footprint draws customers your way.

To get that online footprint, here are 5 things your brand needs to start doing right now.

Creating educative blog posts

Just like this; educating your target audience goes a long way in establishing trust. What you’re telling them is that you know your stuff. For instance, if you’re into the carpet cleaning business, creating posts on how to use natural cleaners to remove wine stains will help someone.

It is easy to think that this can take business away from you, but with people working long hours and not having enough time to spend at home, a spill that goes beyond a light spill will seem an arduous task and they’re most likely to call a professional. Who better than the person who just told them how to remove wine stains with natural cleaners?

Maintaining constant interaction with your customers

You want to be in the minds of your customers when they need a service you offer or a product you sell. Out of sight is out of mind; thus, you have to be where they are on the internet. Creating a social media poll revolving around what you offer is one way to do this. For instance, if you sell leather items, you can have a poll asking your customers what they would prefer for an office bag: full-grain leather or genuine leather?

Start posting on social media

This draws from the last point. Social media is essential to business growth in 2022 and beyond. At the very least, post three times a week. Use hashtags and optimize your profiles so that when people search for businesses in your niche, you’d rank.

Build an Email List

It is easy to say that this is old school, but we read emails that we find interesting. Morning Brew is one of the biggest email newsletter brands in the world with millions of subscribers. As much as people talk down on open rates, Morning Brew still gets millions of opens daily.

Curate fun and news content around what you do so that customers will always look forward to your email.

Evaluate and Repeat

It is easy to become complacent after doing all these, but you don’t want to leave anything to chance. You want to track how productive your moves have been. What can you do better? What can you stop or switch with something else?

When you find what works for your business, you can keep repeating it and even improve on it.

What Your Brand Should Start Doing Right Now

Your brand should start implementing these strategies. They are not automatic; it is normal to make mistakes before getting it right, but it is every day Christmas for your business after getting it right.



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