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A simple guide showing you how to setup a VPS on Vultr.

Step 1

Head to and create a Vultr account.

Step 2

Once you have created your account, you will need to fund it to pay for a server. Choose a funding source from the options below.

Step 3

Verify your email address

Step 4

4a. Select a server location. Typically the server location closest to you is the best option to choose.

4b. Choose a server type. For this guide we will be using Ubuntu 16.04 x64.

4c. Choose a server size. The $5 per month server is sufficient options for most cases. You can always upgrade this at a later date.

4d. Give your server a logical hostname/label and click Deploy Now. This will begin the setup process for your server. It should only take 5–10 mins

Step 5

5a. Once your server has been provisioned, you will be able to access the server details via the server tab in the Vultr management panel.

5b. Click on the server name. This will take you through to the management page for that specific server. It is on this page we can get the required details to log in.

5c. To connect to the server, you will require a program called PuTTY. Download PuTTY here.

5d. Open Putty and enter in the server IP address and click Open. Click Yes to the Security Alert pop up.

5e. Enter in root as the username and the preset password from your Vultr account.

If you have entered in everything correctly, you should now be connected to your Vultr server!

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