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10/21/2021 Learn more about what Wolf Den’s got going on

Doc Kev
Doc Kev
Oct 21 · 10 min read

Flight Commander Miro in the pit with Nic & T-Swift ready to kick the tires and light the fires

Miro- Lets get this AMA started! @nicpeterson231 You ready to go?

Nic- Yessir, Taylor Swift on in the background, so this is definitely going to be a good one

Wolfden is new in BSC, can you please introduce your team and what the $WOLFIES & $GUARD token does?

Nic- Will start with the team, because they make the magic.

I am the owner of the project, but anything that is said about me, if positive, is really a reflection of the team primarily made up of:

@Doc_Kev — he manages pretty much everything internal and makes the greatest medium articles of time.

@Dicka7 onboards our new members and is our local security expert — making sure our members are protected in this wild wild west

@matty_dubs is our “savant” wolf — asks the tough, detailed questions. A few of his suggestions have stabilized our price tremendously. But he is also in Australia so his hours suck and he can make the good stuff live

Recently have brought on @brovinharris to handle a lot of the community stuff. Sharp guy, loves helping people

Our secret weapon, though, is probably an unofficial partnership with Wizard, real unfair advantage because he has to much dev power, we’ve been to make some really cool stuff with his help/guidance

My background is helping people with money make a lot more money, but risk adjusted to get what they want in life in a timeline appropriate for them.

Crypto is obviously a powerful tool to do so.

So the Wolf Den is built to help people do that through education + tools to support the mission.

WOLFIES is the currency of the eco system, which have tiers to climb

GUARDIAN is our “base” — it’s built to provide opportunity

So our guard/busd pair in jetswap is one of our “base cases” — if you have a financial goal we can help show you how to lock it in using guard/busd as the primary base

Our entire mission is to get people what they want in life, our capital, resources, partnerships etc are going into building an ecosystem where holding guard + wolfies unlocks that with a level a certainty

Nic- We have… very large amount amounts of capital sitting on the sideline wanting to get in on the “base case” but before rolling it in we’re making sure the base is sustainable.

Not interested in pumping and dumping here =)

What make’s the Wolfden project unique?

Nic- If I have to tell you, it’s not unique enough 😉

We’ve had slow sustainable growth. Mostly by design our market cap is a hair over 2 million right now

Our holders are providing about 3 million in liquidity. I think that’s pretty unique

We are about 6.3x from launch price in three months and the volume is super low (much to the chagrin of DEXs like you guys) because our people simply to not sell lol

Every day we get questions from the largest holders “I have $20k to put in, i don’t care about return right now, what is the best place to put it to support the longevity of the project?”

That is probably the most unique aspect, investors that want to grow the “golden goose”

Miro- And this leads us to our next question. Wolf Den has multiple tiers.

Does getting into the Direwolf Tier mean i’ll be rich?

Nic- Hahaha, great question let me answer through levels of certainty

100% certain that getting into direwolf means you are in direwolf

95% certain than getting into direwolf will challenge a lot of beliefs that are holding you back

94% certainty you will end up with more than if you were not in Direwolf

100% certain that when you see the ridiculous conversations in Direwolf you will spend some time wondering what the hell kind of thing you just bought into

The reality is, if you have the means to get into Direwolf you likely have the means to achieve whatever you want with a little strategy and thought. So it just depends on if you do the work and can practice restraint when your impulses tell you to chase big green candles. =)

Most people are very close to getting what they want, they just miss it because they are focused on everyone and everything else.

Direwolves get the tough love. Definitely not the best place for many.

Plus, if you wanna get rich, just hit up them Jetswap farms 😉

Miro-so making money is great but how do you make sure you keep it?Security is a major concern for investors. Rug pulls and exploits happen every day.

What actions has the Wolfden team taken to ensure your investors safety?

Nic- Sure, that’s a legit question and concern. I’ll give a few examples; some qualitative and some quantitative

First, our largest investors know me personally. They have been to my house and paid me tens of millions over the years in the real world. So, for what it’s worth, I have more to lose by scamming someone than I would gain

Second, on the rug pull front, our holders are providing about 2.5–3 million in LP, so we couldn’t rug pull even if we tried lol

Outside of the LP that we have locked we do not have a supply of guard for the team, it’s all been purchased.

Inside baseball: we had to provide some tokens for the wings → Guard pool, right? Look at the chart. We actually purchased 100% of those that day.

So conceptually, our eco system is built in a way we can’t really rug — hard or soft

The first few tiers of the Wolf Den is all about security — NOTHING worse than a member getting rekt or scammed.

As far as exploits outside of our control we work with people we trust with track records — ie. if there is a history of exploit (Bunny, for example) we just steer clear. It happens, unfortunately. I am hyper focused on it because I have business partners and real life clients invested heavily

Them getting wrecked also wrecks me lol

Audits coming soon, not done building yet, but the first week of next month is basically when we get as many quality audits as possible.

Miro- That’s great to hear the team is ethical and fully behind the project! Moving onto the next question, to help out with the “wen wen wen” questions.

What does the Wolfden team hope to accomplish in the next 6 months?

Nic- Great question! As I said, we have a large amount of capital on the sidelines — into the tens and hundreds of millions so being able to sustain that in a way that is safe for everyone — over the next 6 months that would include:

- Locking in current DEX partnerships so that there is always enough LP to trade safely and we have farm options

- Building a base case on Fantom — so guard/busd or guard/usdt can seamlessly be bridged over to FTM just to domesticate some of the risk of having a single point of failure

- Finish our NFW farm which will allow our members to farm their way to NFW’s that give them access to membership tiers and enhances yield on an upcoming yield optimizer

Once the NFW farm is done, we have a unique mechanism to skyrocket the price of WOLFIES, so that’s exciting and people will have tough decisions to make:

Spend WOLFIES for higher level of access or hold them?

Also working on an eco system where as long as you have guard you can acquire whatever you want long term — BTC, BUSD, ETH, whatever.

It’ll take 3–8 months, so nobody buys in thinking “moon tomorrow” but I’d expect the guard marketcap to 10–20x from where it is now just from green-lighting the people that want in now and want to let it sit for years

Miro- We can’t wait to see what you can guys can roll out! That’s a pretty exciting road map 😁

Nic- It will be interesting, if nothing else, working on getting some lending options for Guard, thats on the list too. Been playing with your Fortress, great tools…

Community Questions

Apart from what you say in the AMA, do you have other words to tell us about great opportunities and mutual benefits that the WolfDen/JetSwap partnership can offer us?

If you really understand the jetswap platform — how to use and think about farms and pools + the fortress lending, you can close the gap between where you’re at and where you want to be pretty quickly.

We plan on (assuming they’re on board) integrating as much into their platform as possible to allow this to happen. There are tons of opportunities all around defi but at the end of the day, on balance, the least amount of moves is generally the most efficient strategy

So we teach some of our members how to borrow against their collateral strategically, which you can do right there on jetswap

That’s one less move (transferring from one platform to another, for example) to implement strategy

Not sure what will come of it, but wolf den members will get content on creative ways to use jetswap as a base using our assets — obviously will be made available to jetswap users — since its on Jetswap the rest of the strategy is built off WINGS — accumulating wealth without selling guard or wings (yes it can and has been done)

Will WolfDen have a special NFT sale? Can we buy or sell WolfDen NFT on the big marketplaces in the future?

We will have a special one for Jetswap. We have opensea collections that have sold hundreds of thousands of dollars already — and the ones we list on Wizard go for about 7k BUSD

We celebrate all of our partnerships with NFWs

I would like to know about Wolf Den’s marketing strategies ?

This is a good one to get out of the way right up front

Our marketing strategy is:build good stuff and let people watch. Its not sexy, but like I said…

Wolfies is about 30x over launch price and guard is about 6.3x over launch price

We just deliver and let people watch. I don’t like marketing in crypto unless its education. People need to understand what they are investing in. Otherwise… FUD city… FUD is a distraction from being productive =) My opinion, of course

What is the competitive advantage of your project? Can you point out the strengths of your project that other projects do not have to attract investors?

We are in a unique position that we need to be responsible and NOT attract large investors right now, we have hedge funds and investors working to get in now. So… 200–300 million dollars coming in that wants to sit in the project for 5–10 years on average IS the competitive advantage, IMO

Why Did You opt for 2 Tokens ? How are they both different from each other & their uses in your Ecosystem? Where can we Buy these tokens?

Well, a token is not a token.

They are assets with properties. DEX tokens will likely have a mint function, same with a yield optimizer, it’s part of the function/utility.

Bitcoin is currency

Matic is a network/platform

Uniswap is an exchange

Armor is insurance

So tokens all have different properties. We needed to accomplish three things, so we needed three different sets of properties which we accomplish through:

- Wolfies — which is currency in the eco system and burned at a rapid rate

- Guard — which has a small supply, but no burning or mint function — its built to be a base of a base case

- NFW’s (non fungible wolves) — access to things and rewards — we use NFWs for this so that they cannot be dumped on others like tokens

Now if that isn’t #WOLFISH i’m not sure what is…

This is actually a wolf fish…

Wolf Den

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Wolf Den

Welcome to the Wolf Den. We are a Crypto community designed to help new investors protect themselves through education and safer strategies that still provide the enormous upside not available anywhere else.

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Wolf Den

Welcome to the Wolf Den. We are a Crypto community designed to help new investors protect themselves through education and safer strategies that still provide the enormous upside not available anywhere else.