How To Change Search Engine On iPad

Ernests Embutnieks
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5 min readMay 31, 2024

Apple’s default browser is Safari, and its default search engine is Google. It’s possible to change it to Bing, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, or Yahoo. If you want to use another search engine, you will need to download an app or use another web browser.

In this article, I will show you step-by-step how to change search engines on Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. As well as how to use whichever search engine you want on Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

How To Change Search Engine on Safari

Safari is the most popular web browser for iPad. Also, Google is the most popular search engine, but some users prefer others, and this is how you can change it:

  • Open the ‘Settings app’ on your iPad
  • Scroll down and tap on ‘Safari’
  • Tap on ‘Search Engine’
  • You’ll see a list of options, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Ecosia
  • Tap on the search engine you prefer.

What About Other Search Engines

There are other search engines out there like Yandex, Baidu, Ask, Brave Search, etc. There are even social media search engines like Pinterest, video search engines like YouTube, and e-commerce search engines like Amazon.

You can enhance your Safari experience on iPad with the ‘xSearch’ extension, priced at $1.99. It enables you to switch between search engines using convenient shortcut commands.

How To Change Search Engine on Google Chrome

Here’s how you can change your default search engine in Chrome on your iPad:

  • Open the ‘Chrome Browser’ on your iPad
  • Tap on the ‘three-dot menu’ in the top-right corner
  • Tap on ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu.
  • In the Settings menu, tap on ‘Search Engine’
  • Pick your favorite from the list of available search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, or DuckDuckGo.
  • Once you’ve made your choice, exit the settings, and you’re all set!

You can only choose between the available options. You can’t add custom ones.

Use Mozilla Firefox To Get Any Search Engines

There are many search engines out there: Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Qwant, Startpage, Brave Search, Baidu, etc. Some of these aren’t available on Safari or Google Chrome, but you can use them on Mozilla Firefox.

  • Open ‘Mozilla Firefox’
  • Tap on the ‘Three Lines’ in the top right corner
  • Tap on the ‘Settings’
  • Tap on ‘Search’

You can pick one of the available options or add a custom search engine. Here are some examples:

  1. Reddit:
  2. YouTube:
  3. Brave:

When you add a custom search engine to Mozilla Firefox, don’t forget to change it to the default one.

If you want a custom search engine on iPad, Mozilla Firefox is a browser you should choose.

Best Search Engines for iPad

Well, if you are here to change the search engine, you must also be wondering which search engine is perfect for your iPad. Everyone has different preferences, so let me just uncover the most popular search engines for iPads and their features.

  • 1. Google

The most popular search engine — Google, with more than 80% of the market share. It’s fast with a massive database. Great tool for finding information, browsing the web or simply answering burning questions. Google also personalizes search results based on a user’s search history, location, and preferences, providing more personalized and relevant content, which some find concerning.

  • 2. Bing

A noteworthy alternative to Google. Bing has gained popularity due to its new product — ChatGPT. Its strong integration with Microsoft services, voice search capabilities, and diverse search results, including helpful images and videos, make it a compelling option for those looking for a different option besides the big G.

The Bing search chat is a nice idea, but it gives you some outdated results, at least for now.

  • 3. Yahoo

Yahoo is a reliable choice for iPad users who prefer a taste of the classic web. With news, weather, finance, and other handy widgets, Yahoo keeps you informed and entertained.

  • 4. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is known for its privacy. Making it an excellent choice for users that are concerned about online tracking and data privacy. It distinguishes itself by not storing user data and providing clutter-free search results. The search engine tech won’t profile you. If you value anonymity online, this is the best option.

  • 5. Ecosia

Ecosia is a search engine that stands out for its commitment to environmental sustainability. Its top features include a focus on planting trees with ad revenue they ear. They have transparent tree-planting reports. Ecosia distinguishes itself by combining search functionality with a mission to combat deforestation and address climate change, making it a socially and environmentally conscious alternative to traditional search engines. It’s often used by eco-friendly and environmentally conscious people.

Other Browsers For iPad To Consider

While Safari and Chrome are the most popular browsers on iPad, there are other options worth exploring. Each of these browsers allows you to change your default search engine so you can mix and match to find your perfect combination:

Firefox: Known for its speed and privacy features, Firefox is a solid choice for those who want a different search engine. It allows you to add custom ones and set them to default.

Brave: For those who prioritize privacy and security, Brave is a browser that blocks ads and trackers by default. Very popular in crypto communities. You can choose other search engines like Qwant, Startpage, and Brave Search.

Microsoft Edge: If you’re already using Microsoft services, Edge is a great way to sync your browsing data across devices. It allows you to sync your iPad browsing history with your Windows laptop’s browsing history.