iPad Magic Keyboard Is Pretty Great — 7 Reasons To Buy It!

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6 min readMay 29, 2024

Apple did hit Bullseye with the iPad Magic Keyboard. Many don’t want to buy laptops anymore, and the iPad combined with the Floating Magic Keyboard gives you that laptop experience and turns your device into a real workstation.

iPad Magic Keyboard is a bit pricey, so it’s understandable why many people are unsure whether to buy it or not.

In this article, I want to talk about the iPads Magic Keyboard, what is it, the features it has, and seven reasons why it’s a worthy purchase.

iPad Magic Keyboard Specs & Features

Number of Keys:64 Trackpad:Yes Backlight:Yes Connection:Smart Connector Ports:USB-C Weight:1.32lbs (601g), 1.56lbs (710g)

Fun facts: The iPad Magic Keyboard is heavier than the iPad Pro itself. The keyboard weighs 1.32 lbs (601g), and the iPad Pro (11-inch) weighs 1.03 lbs (471g).

The keyboard connects to the iPad seamlessly. You don’t need to turn on Bluetooth or anything. You just attach your iPad to the keyboard, and it’s connected. It uses smart connectors to make the connection.

The iPad Magic Keyboard doesn’t have a battery. It uses the iPad’s battery to power itself. It does increase iPads battery drainage a bit, but it’s insignificant.

Overall, it’s a great keyboard with a trackpad that turns your iPad into a workstation.

Reasons To Buy iPad Magic Keyboard

If you are on the fence and can’t decide if you need the keyboard to not, let me try to convince you with these seven reasons:

1. Turns iPad Into A Laptop

Once you connect your iPad with The Magic Keyboard, it looks a lot like a laptop: keyboard, touchpad, landscape mode. Of course, it has limited capabilities, but you can complete most of the tasks on it.

The keyboard elevates the iPad, bringing it closer to your eye level, effectively reducing neck strain. You can customize the angle to align perfectly with your eye level.

2. Comfortable Typing Experience

Apple truly perfected the keyboard design with this one. The typing feels natural, and it has significant improvements in comparison to the previous keyboards that were created for iPads.

The keys feature the scissor mechanism that takes the overall experience to a whole new level. The Magic Keyboard allows you to type in all environments, including low light. The keys have a backlight that you can adjust. It’s very quite, you can easily use it in a library, and it won’t disturb anyone.

3. Trackpad

The iPad’s Magic Keyboard features a trackpad that allows gestures. These can improve your productivity tremendously. A trackpad unlocks a wide range of options in Apple applications such as Pages, Keynote, and Numbers.

You can, of course, use the trackpad as a cursor. It gives that laptop-like experience.

4. High-quality Build

The keyboard is sturdy, hence the weight. The quality of the keyboard is undeniable. Look at the picture. It’s almost 3-years old. Still looks good, maybe a little dirty, but the working condition is great.

The keyboard feels super stable, even with the floating screen. The thickness makes it incredibly comfortable when typing for a longer time.

The size of the keyboard is the perfect size. When you type on it, you can still reach the screen with your finger to navigate your device if necessary.

It’s very stable on stable surfaces like desks, but on other surfaces like sofas and beds, it’s a bit uncomfortable to use. The balance isn’t there.

It’s perfect for watching movies in bed. The keyboard can work as a stand for you.

5. Extra Protection

Accidents happen. iPads get dropped. If you have an iPads Magic Keyboard on, it will work as a case. An additional layer of protection in case of a drop.

I have dropped the iPad with Magic Keyboard on a few times and there hasn’t been any damage, just a small heart attack for me.

6. No Battery

The iPad Magic Keyboard doesn’t have a battery. Instead, it is powered by the iPad itself. So you can forget about checking the percentage all the time. All you need to be worried about is that your iPad is charged.

7. Additional USB-C Port

The iPad Magic Keyboard has a built-in USB-C port as a part of the hinge. It is solely for charging. But that enables you to use the standard charging port for file transfer, which is incredibly handy.

When you attach your iPad to the Magic Keyboard, the original USB-C port will be on the right side, but the keyboard’s built-in USB-C port will be on the left side.

It’s nice that Apple thinks of these little things. Sometimes, the charger just isn’t long enough, and now you can have one port on one side and another on the other.

Can iPad with Magic Keyboard replace MacBook?

The iPad with a Magic Keyboard can be a good option for basic computing tasks such as browsing the web, checking social media, checking email, creating and editing documents, using apps, video calls, etc. It is portable and lightweight, even with all the accessories, making it convenient to take on the go.

If this is how you use your MacBook, then yes, an iPad with Magic Keyboard can serve as a replacement for your Mac.

However, there are some limitations to what the iPad can do. iPad doesn’t have the same processing power, storage capacity, or RAM as MacBook. Also, a lot of software is made purely for Macbooks.

To summarize — iPads are not ready to replace MacBooks, just yet.

Verdict: Is iPad Magic Keyboard Worth The Price Tag?


At the end of the day, it all comes down to how you plan to use your iPad. If your primary use for the iPad involves social media, occasional internet surfing, or controlling smart devices, you might not need it. However, if you intend to use it for typing, studying, or work, I highly recommend it.

I know that $300 for a keyboard is extreme — that’s why I also recommend checking iPad Magic Keyboard Alternatives for comparison. There are some cheaper options with the same functionality. There are some a lot cheaper, but they connect to the iPad via Bluetooth, not smart connectors, and it adds significantly to the weight.


Is the iPad Magic Keyboard waterproof?

No, the iPad Magic Keyboard is not waterproof. Therefore, avoid spilling liquid all over it. If you spilled water on the keyboard, immediately turn it upside down to drain excess liquid and let it dry completely before attempting to use it again.

Can you fold back the Magic Keyboard?

No, you can’t fold back the iPad Magic Keyboard so that it is on the back of the iPad. While this feature could be practical, Apple is sticking to the original design.

Can you clean the iPad Magic Keyboard with water?

No! Considering that the Magic Keyboard is not waterproof, soaking it or using a super wet cloth is a mistake. However, you will still have to clean it somehow. It is best to use a damp cloth over the keys. Don’t press on them too hard — just a gentle wipe will do. If there are any more stains on your Magic Keyboard, invest in the keyboard wipes. They have just the right amount of cleaning product on and won’t damage the keyboard.

What are the differences between the Magic Keyboard and the Smart Keyboard?

The Magic Keyboard offers a more premium design, a trackpad for cursor control, backlit keys, and a floating iPad stand. The Smart Keyboard is a simpler, lightweight option without a trackpad or backlit keys.