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Hello! Wolfonaire Family & Crypto Enthusiasts

We recently hosted an AMA With CropBytes 6th Oct, 2022 at 02:00 PM UTC. This session was phenomenal. If you have missed then here is the precious AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session this will enlighten you for sure…

Guest Speaker :

Ms. Sheryl Varghese | CMO, CropBytes

Mr. Kevin Sequeira | Product Lead, CropBytes

(Note: This is the transcription of the event. Please note that the transcript was edited for comprehensibility and coherency, while the content was not changed.)


Sheryl : I’m co-founder at CropBytes games. Joined the team 2.5 years ago and have been heading marketing since then. In my previous life, I have over 9 years of experience in Branding & Advertising and worked with organisations such as OML, DBS bank, IDFC and extensively on brands such as Bacardi global, Swiggy India, and Reliance. Previously Co-founded SafeDays, a mood prediction bot for women.

CropBytes game assets have been growing in value over the last few years and they will soon be on the polygon chain. And i’m super excited about being here today as we will announce this news officially in a few days.

Kevin : I have been with the team since early days. I look after product and growth at CropBytes.

Wolf : For our members who are not already familiar with the project, can you give us a very high-level overview of what #Cropbytes is and what competitive edge it brings to the Crypto Universe?

Sheryl : CropBytes is a game of farming and business built on real world economy, with game assets and in-game marketplace. Imagine Farmville, but with the real economy.

CropBytes is one of the first web3 games out there, and was launched in 2018 on Appstore and Playstore.

The game has a sustainable economy which is meant to get stronger with time. The game has an open market that’s owned by the community and prices of every asset is determined by the community sentiments, and demand and supply of the asset.

CropBytes is built like a country, but an ideal country in the metaverse. All game developments are crafted to make the economy stronger. Your strategy to grow in this economy is completely yours and will vary from others. Get creative, bring out those business management skills.
Know more about the 4 year journey of CropBytes: https://blog.cropbytes.com/4-years-of-cropbytes/

Wolf : TBH,I like this idea-Unlike other crypto projects with just short term gratifications & all,this is looking much more & long way to go,well wishes…Sorry for asking so straight-but I am really excited to know/-

Do you have any plans for Free-2-Play version?

Sheryl : Not just free2play, but also play2earn. And this will be the first P2E game model that does not depend on inflating asset supplies and new users for raising capital.

CropBytes will soon introduce the Service Economy model by opening jobs on the farm. You can help a big farmer to maintain their farm in return for a fee. You can play the game for free and earn CBX.

Know more about it: https://coinmarketcap.com/community/articles/35157

Check out Tegro’s take on this: https://www.tegro.com/blog/generations-of-web3-games

Wolf : In a space that’s obsessed with NFTs, why did you make your game assets Fungible?

Sheryl : Choosing an economic model is always hard to get right the first time. When CropBytes was starting out, the team had to decide between going the NFT way or the FT way. We made the right choice by going for FTs. This decision has allowed players to freely trade their assets in an order book exchange that in-turn is resistant to global bear markets.

We can see many Web3 games shutting down or struggling during current bear markets, but CropBytes’ in-game economy holds strong and stands independent due to the liquidity of these FTs.

Because NFTs are unique, they are meant to be used to store limited collections of digital assets, for example, a piece of digital art. They are not meant to store large quantities of the same asset, for instance, cows in a farming simulator.

Imagine having 30 cows on a players’ farm, all stored as NFTs. Developers will now need to store the ID of each individual NFT to map to the player.

Further, this makes it hard to enable high frequency trading on the asset, since each cow would have to be individually listed on a marketplace. Players or traders wishing to purchase cows would have to make individual purchases.

These are some of the problems fungible tokens solve.

Wolf : I love it guys…Love this game theory!

Sheryl : yes we have evolved over multiple market cycles.

Fungibility is synonymous to sustainability in web3 gaming. Check out Tegro. They have codified this model. Its called Tegronomics and providing that framework free of cost to game developers.

You always have two options either go with analogy or design your first principle & let the universe decide this with your executionLet’s go for the final question of this introduction round: —

Wolf : Can you please give us a short tutorial on how even a nontech guy can easily use and enjoy your platform?

Kevin : Getting started in CropBytes is super easy:

- Sign up using this link to get 7 days of free trial assets:https://cropbytes.com/invite/BA215C

- You do not need to connect a wallet. The CropBytes team takes care of your wallet for you.

- This is a game of strategy, so understanding the gameplay is very important. Check these playlist to know about it:


here are the latest tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-_eDXT_BFk&list=PLRf0u2jIYTXCQkNZKSAuRi3DfwyzcFkHD

Most importantly, join the CropBytes community, you’ll get some great advise on game stategies and how to get started: https://tapx.link/cropbytes

Let’s move for the Twitter round

Q1. As a project that is just starting out on an awesome exploration into the Crypto ecosystem, do you think the presence of whales is necessary at this early stage or you intend to focus on smaller investors? How will you strike the balance between whales and small investors.

Ans. At CropBytes, we try to create a balance of user types. There are opportunities here for people with money or time or skills.

Over the 4 years of CropBytes, we have gathered 3 types of users in our community.

Whales — Traders — Players

This is what a game requires to provide a sustainable Play-To-Earn mechanism.

Here whales generate the capital, Traders create liquidity in the marketplace and players do the farming work for which they get paid in CBX. So you can get started with CropBytes for free and work on other farms to build your CBX portfolio and later get assets to build your own farming business.

Q2. How does #CropBytes work as a utility token for the network. how does it benefit for both the network & the owner. Is there any reward mechanism for holding your token? What are the benefits of Holding for long-term?

Ans. Right! You can start a 2nd life in the metaverse by being part of the CropBytes community. CropBytes has a main farming game and has multiple other mini games for players to spend time within the game. The currency of this digital nation is CBX, a deflationary token built like Bitcoin. So yeah, there is no inflation in this country. 😉

The participants of this community generate new supply of the token by doing daily farming activities. CropBytes is made to provide the ultimate experience of Metaverse, no VR tools required.

From trading, owning rare-assets to all other in-game farming activities, CBX token plays an integral role in the growing CropBytes economy. We are also collaborating with games that fit well into this metaverse, to allow for crossover of game assets and adoption of token CBX. The ecosystem and economy we have built this long allows us to do this.

Q3. The idea of earning coins while playing games is innovative. However, I think the fun of the game is also important for greater success. What fun elements exist in cropbytes games?

Ans. I like this question,Really sweet that touching the soul of gaming.CropBytes offers strategy, farming gameplay and ownership all in one game.

CropBytes is more than just a fun game. Since 2018, we have been building a future that is the CropBytes metaverse where players can build and grow their crypto.

This is real-world economics and with the foundation that we have built, the scope for evolving with time is as infinite as it is in the real world.

The game is an economy of its own that will continue to get stronger as more farmers join in. The future is in the CropBytes metaverse which will at one day have the most number of players in an ecosystem.

Q4. Many games today set high costs to start the game & therefore start with a small player base. Does computeco #FarmOnCropBytes entrance fee or starting conditions & if so, what are they?Do I need to hold an NFT or hold a certain amount of tokens in order to enjoy & play the game?

Ans. It’s simple in our case ! Sign up on CropBytes and get 7 days of free trial assets. You can generate output from the free assets and sell it for CBX in the game exchange.


During the 7 days of trial period, check out the various aspects of the game like Farming, Trading, and more. Speak to the community members to get valuable advice.

Community: https://t.me/cropbytes

If you love it then you can get your own assets to start your farming journey. We recommend you start with the large starter pack here. It is the only starter pack which has a Well in the list. https://www.cropbytes.com/store

Many OG farmers who have trusted us from the beginning have built their portfolios to 100s of thousands dollar worth over the years.

Starting small and building slowly

Q5. CropBytes is a free to play game where users can earn money, it is quite interesting, but it is possible that users who have no previous expertise with cryptocurrencies will get involved. Do you have any tutorials or starter packs to help these users?

Ans. Guys get ready with your questions,after this we will unmute this channel & take your questions

CropBytes is the first crypto game on iOS and android.

From day 1 we have been focusing on making the User experience as simple as possible. Hence the experience is a lot like getting any web 2 game out there.

We have made our onboarding super easy so, you don’t have to worry about connecting wallets etc.. all you would usually do in other web3 games.

It’s as simple as getting the app from the app store and playing. You do not need to connect a wallet. We take care of your wallet for you.

watch the latest tutorials here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-_eDXT_BFk&list=PLRf0u2jIYTXCQkNZKSAuRi3DfwyzcFkHD

We also have starter packs for new users, you can browse through them here.

Let's move for the community round

Q1. Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIP so far and upcoming partnerships?

Ans. We’re at the brink of announcing partnership with Polygon. Where our assets will be listed. Apart from that we’re in talks with gaming guilds who will come on board to leverage the Free-To-Play service economy model.

Q2. Is your project in very important a community only for English speaking countries. Or for users not for others languages? Do you have any community for non-English users too?

Ans. We have over 16 language communities.

Pls check them here:

[In reply to Abhishek Menon]
CropBytes is growing quickly! 🙌

• Global (Main English): https://t.me/cropbytes

Check out all our official communities here.👇
• 🇵🇭Tagalog : https://t.me/CropBytesPHP
• 🇪🇸Spanish : https://t.me/CropBytesESP
• 🇻🇳Vietnam : https://t.me/cropbytesVN
• 🇹🇭Thai : https://t.me/CropBytesThai
• 🇧🇷Brazil : https://t.me/CropBytes_BR
• 🇮🇩Indonesia : https://t.me/cropbytes_Indo
• 🇷🇺Russia : https://t.me/cropbytes_RU
• 🇨🇳Chinese : https://t.me/CropBytesCHN
• 🇮🇳India : https://t.me/CropBytes_India
• 🇯🇵Japanese : https://t.me/CropBytesJPN
• 🇫🇷France : https://t.me/CropBytesFRN
• 🇩🇪German : https://t.me/CropBytesGRM
• 🇮🇷Farsi : https://t.me/cropbytes_fars
• 🇮🇹Italian : https://t.me/CropBytesItalian
• 🇹🇷Turkish : https://t.me/CropBytesTurkish
• 🇰🇷Korean : https://t.me/CropBytesKR
• 🇳🇱 Dutch : https://t.me/CropBytesDutch
• 🇵🇱 Polish : https://t.me/CropBytesPL

Q3. Where can I buy your tokens now, what are your current contracts address and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

Ans. You can also buy CBX from other players on the the in-game exchange : https://www.cropbytes.com/exchange/cbxusdt

CBX is also available on the following exchanges:

- Uniswap: https://app.uniswap.org/#/pool/163488

- ByBit: https://www.bybit.com/en-US/trade/spot/CBX/USDT

- MEXC: https://www.mexc.am/exchange/CBX_USDT

-L bank: https://www.lbank.info/exchange/cbx/usdt

- Probit: https://www.probit.com/app/exchange/CBX-USDT

- XT: https://www.xt.com/trade/cbx_usdt

More details availabe here:

Q4. Ambassadors play a very important role in every project, Do you have an ambassador program? If yes, how can I be one ?

Ans. We have a great amabassador program since the last two years, called the CB ARMY. We have over 10000 members. The rewards have recently been renewed, you can now own CB XPS by joining. You can join it here https://blog.cropbytes.com/join-the-cropbytes-army/

The most lucrative way to join the game

Q5. Can you share your social media links so we can keep ourselves updated?

Ans. Check out all the imp links here: https://tapx.link/cropbytes

Make sure to sign up on CropBytes using this link to get free trial assets for 7 days and start your farming journey.

Now the session ends with lots of thanks to our Guest Speaker…

Here are some important links of CropBytes

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