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Wolfonaire Chatbox : AMA With Demole (7th January, 2022)

Hello! Wolfonaire Family & Crypto Enthusiasts

We recently hosted an AMA With Demole 07th Jan, 2022 at 01.00 PM UTC. This session was phenomenal. If you have missed then here is the precious AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session this will enlighten you for sure…

Guest Speaker :

Ms. Rae Lim | CMO, Demole

(Note: This is the transcription of the event. Please note that the transcript was edited for comprehensibility and coherency, while the content was not changed.)


Rae : I am Rae Lim — CMO of Demole. I have experience as a digital asset advisor, marketing manager, and investor relations manager in Singapore. In addition, I have managed various corporate social responsibility projects in British multinationals.

I have been joining Demole at a very early stage as a CMO. Demole has 4 separate teams that take on different functions as follows:

Game artists and developers
A team with 10 years of experience in game development and design, working outsource for leading game companies in Vietnam and China. Our key members came from Gameloft.

Blockchain developers
A team of seasoned blockchain developers has outsourced international projects. We experimented with developing the complete blockchain specialized for social media and an NFT game in 2019.

Financial team
The survival of any “Play to earn” game depends greatly on the sustainability of the cash flow, token flow, and NFT’s inflation model. Financial team is an experienced group of members who have worked as financial advisors and business consultants for big firms in traditional and crypto markets.

Marketing team
A strong marketing team with a worldwide network of partners, with a deep understanding of KOLs system, has accompanied many successful projects

Wolf : Could you explain a little about Demole? We would like to know more about it and how it works?

Rae : Defi Monster Legends (Demole) is a metaverse in which users can enjoy multiple exciting game modes, social features, and earn at the same time. Demole Metaverse include Demole turn-based , MOBA , and Demole Gateway Station, offering multiple earning opportunities and an immersive gaming experience.

Wolf : Can you tell community about tokenomics, tokenutility?

Rae : We have discussed for weeks on this one. To find the best token metrics that will benefit all stakeholders in the long run. And we have decided to go with Flat metrics, in which the prices of all rounds are the same

We believe that the success of an NFT game lies on the end-user base, so letting them buy tokens at the fair price (compared to seed and private investors) is essential
And all of our investors share the same vision. For the token utility

When more features released in the future, the more utilities the token will have By doing so, we can guarantee the high demand for the tokens

Wolf : Who are your partners on-board?

Rae : We have partnered with many reputable companies in the industry, including DAOmaker, Interchain Ventures, LupaX Capital, Metrix Capital, Raptor, Magnus, AC Capital, LD Capital, Consensus Lab, Newave, M6, K24, X21, Vera, Good Games Guild, MGG,…

Lets go for the Twitter Questions

Q1. How can you balance your tokens? Do Demole have token burn or buyback program?

Ans. Demole has introduced the token burning mechanism — an exclusive feature of our game. By burning their tokens, players can reduce inflation and increase their token value, which increases the USD value of those tokens. This is a great advantage of Demole because it helps control token inflation significantly, which benefits investors the most.

Currently, 0.25% of the revenue from the sale of NFT eggs will be divided into:
- 50% will be burned
- The remaining 50% will be put into the reward staking pool
- If the staking pool is not available, 100% can be burned

Q2.Why I should invest in Demole? What are the advantages of the project compared to most projects currently on the market? What are its main characteristics that distinguish Demole from other projects

Ans. Attractive Gameplay: With easy-to-understand yet engaging RPG gameplay, the storyline is sure to entertain the most demanding gamers in this NFT game market.

Splendid 3D Animation: Demole is proud to be one of the rare NFT games designed in 3D graphics, going beyond other famous games on the market.

Easy to Play: Demole is available on both PC and mobile platforms so that you can play anytime and anywhere with your smartphone.

Easy to Join: For as little as $50 you can start playing to earn with Demole, which is a very competitive entry fee for this game when compared to other NFT games.

Optimized Play-to-Earn Mechanism: To ensure profits for both investors and gamers, the monetization mechanism in Demole is divided into burning, team tokens, in-game rewards, and skating.

Q3. I am interested in NFT. Can you tell us your NFT sale? Hope to see the good news in the future

Ans. We finished our initial NFT sale — Egg Hatching day. It’s a very successful event. Owning NFTs allows you to access different modes of Demole Metaverse In the next few days, the explosion of Demole NFT Metaverse will be unveiled. Grab the chance to buy NFTs on Gamestarter and NFTb at the most affordable price this Jan 12.

More exclusive NFTs are featured in the upcoming NFT Sale!
✔️3D animation
✔️5 different tribes
✔️Diversity in stats, rarity, and appearance

Q4. I can see that you build Demole into a Metaverse game. What experiences will be available after Metaverse launch?

Ans. Demole metaverse is where players are able to enter a connecting portal to:
- Play in Demole Origin & Demole Moba game modes
- Teleport to other worlds in the metaverse
- Interact with each other through features in the gateway

In the livestream session with Binance, we are glad to have had the opportunity to voice our views on GameFi in general and Metaverse in particular:
1. We believe that product is the core value of any business. With the ambition to make Demole into a Metaverse, we have been doing a lot of product research and development.
2. With the fast-paced movement of the GameFi industry and many startup projects stepping into it, it would bring a whole new picture to the GameFi community.
3. With the advantage of having inputs from users, developers, and the help from giant technology companies, we will be able to get more inputs into our product to make it more engaging and sustainable.

As a project that focuses on product and technology development, more gaming experiences will be available after our Metaverse launch (Gate, PvP, PvE, and MOBA). Things are going really great from the product end. We expand Demole to Metaverse — where people not only participate in different Demole game modes but also interact with other NFT games.


Ans. We know exactly what Demolians are waiting for, so, Demole is delighted to present PRODUCT ROADMAP for 2022

✔️Game Ready: RPG, MOBA
✔️Marketplace Feature

✔️Game Tournament

✔️Demole 3 in 1 App

Our Roadmap livestream (https://fb.watch/adpvaqV__V/) recorded 3.6K++ viewers and here comes more details about some exciting news about Demole Roadmap

Lets move for the Community Round

Q1. Can you tell me good reasons that your project is here for the long run? Your plans for the long term?

Ans. For the long-term, 3 factors contributing to the success of the project: Product — Team -Vision. 3 key things I have talked about a lot over the AMA I believe.

We have been using the created momentum to boost the number of game players:
The game development team has experience in marketing to the international game market. We will target countries with developed mobile game markets and high consumption of mobile gamers: the USA, Japan, China, Korea.
Link with game supply platforms to increase promotion. We have partnered with Netboom — a Chinese platform with 10 million regular users and continue to expand this segment

Q2. Earning mechanism is very important in an NFT game. How we can earn from Demole? What is your earning mechanism?

Ans. That’s true… In Demole players can earn by the following mechanisms:

By participating in in-game activities Campaign, World Boss, Arena, Daily quests, players will receive eggs, hammers, and tokens, which can be used or freely traded/sold with other players on the marketplace.
Players/Investors can also go to the Training Ground, a staking pool where they put their monsters and tokens to level up the monsters while receiving more tokens passively.

Q3. Tell us the need of community in your mind? Do you have advice from the community? If so, how can the community help the DEMOLE project move forward?

Ans. We have local communication channels that are always available to support local users worldwide. In addition, with an ambition to connect all users together and maximize their experience while playing the games, we are working hard to create a Demole gaming metaverse where users can interact and hang out with each other for real connection.

While almost all non-gamers indicate a likelihood to play games in the future (77%), the intent rises (to 86%) when they also show interest in-game world hangouts. This suggests the metaverse can be a catalyst to encourage even more consumers to play or return to playing games. This is supported further in direct questioning, where the vast majority (70%) expect in-game-world hang-outs to increase the amount they play.

Thanks for all of the questions. If any of you have more questions, me and the Listen community team are happy to continue the conversation over in our Telegram.


Now the session ends with lots of thanks to our Guest Speaker…

Here are some important links of DEMOLE

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Wolfonaire Family Chatbox | Wolf



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