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Wolfonaire Chatbox : AMA With Galaxy War (10th February, 2022)

Hello! Wolfonaire Family & Crypto Enthusiasts

We recently hosted an AMA With Galaxy War 10th Feb, 2022 at 02.00 PM UTC. This session was phenomenal. If you have missed then here is the precious AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session this will enlighten you for sure…

Guest Speaker :

Mr. Jack | COO, Galaxy War

Ms. Kaylee | Business Development, Galaxy War

(Note: This is the transcription of the event. Please note that the transcript was edited for comprehensibility and coherency, while the content was not changed.)


Kaylee : We are from Galaxy Studio, created in 2009, is an independent game studio that has developed and released multiple titles worldwide.

Second, on this project, we have 11 team members.
Gru is the founder and the CTO of Galaxy War and responsible for technology support. He has 20 years of experience in game programming and led the development of 5 web games. He also has 6 years of experience in blockchain development and developed 5 blockchain products.

Jack is the chief game designer of Galaxy War. He used to work for UBI and once took a senior executive producer position. He has 10 years’ experience in game development and 3 years’ experience in blockchain game development.

Roke is the Core Programmer. He has more than 10 years of programming experience in game front. The total turnover of the game he had developed exceeded 1 billion.

Queena is core Art Designer. She used to work for UBI and Zynga and she has 8 years’ experience in game development.

In conclusion, our team has a wealth of experience in game development, whether in web games or blockchains.

✅ above is the information for our team

Wolf : For our members who are not already familiar with the project, can you give us a very high-level overview of what #Galaxywar is and what competitive edge it brings to the Crypto Universe?

Kaylee : Galaxy War is a Defi + Multichain space strategy classic NFT game — compete against thousands of other players on multiple chains for supreme control of the Multiverse!

In Galaxy War, everything starts with the foundation of a small colony on an uninhabited planet.

Players can harness the resources of their new homes together with their own tactical genius, and research new technologies and construct a powerful fleet to carry the authority out into the stars.

GalaxyWar will run on multichain and make the whole blockchain world parallel universes. Players can choose different chains to play the game according to their preferences. Players from different chains can fight each other through “Wormholes”.

Wormholes are in-game Bridges between different chains. All assets (Tokens, Heroes, Fleets, and even Planets) can be seamlessly traversable from one chain to another.

For example, you can build a fleet on OEC and go through the wormhole in the game to the BSC, and then battle other players on BSC and plunder their assets.
We will gradually connect to different chains and open Bridges after the game is launched.

Wolf : Beautiful…How do holders of the #Galaxywar Tokens benefit in the ecosystem? What power within your model do individuals hold? Why is it so attractive and what are the basic requirements to participate?

Kaylee :

Let me talk a little bit about tokenomics. Please have a look at this picture, the Galaxy War Ecosystem.

Galaxy War employs a dual token system with $GWT and $DARK. This system has been proven to be successful times and times again by the market.

GalaxyWar’s Play-to-Earn Model is divided into two tiers.

On the first tier, players invest a certain amount of money that will generate yields every day and allow them to break even in N days. The investment is made up of 3 parts:
(A) $OKT as network fee for starting the game and as a fixed fee for basic building research.
(B) Fee for playing dungeons.
© Cost for building spaceships.

The second tier is relatively more game-oriented and it mainly revolves around three kinds of resources: metal, crystal and deuterium.

Wolf : Cool…Have you met all your goals in the roadmap till now? And were there any difficulties that you didn’t expect and were not prepared for?

Kaylee : How to generate income?
It is a SLG game, players can get resources through the resources building.
$DARK is GalaxyWar’s in-game currency. Players will need $DARK for operational expenses, such as building facilities and researching starships.
$GWT is a multifunctional governance token. How to get $GWT? Players can get $GWT through PvP battles and Arenas. All players need $GWT

Please have a look at this picture of Galaxy War’s roadmap. Here are the detailed plans for the year of 2022. Our team will do our best to fulfill our plan. All our efforts now are to make Galaxy War stronger and go further. Galaxy War will forge ahead and succeed!

Wolf : Good To Hear That, Can you please give us a short tutorial on how even a nontech guy can easily use and enjoy your platform?

Kaylee : 1. To start playing GalaxyWar, players need to prepare a multichain compatible wallet such as MetaMask.
2. Before starting to do resource building, players need $DARK. It may consume 2 OKT and can get 2000 DARK, and this is not the final numbers, subject to adjustment.
3. GalaxyWar’s Play-to-Earn Model can be divided into two tiers:
First tier: players invest a certain amount of money that will generate yields every day and allow you to break even in N days.
The second tier is relatively more game-oriented and it mainly revolves around three kinds of resources: metal, crystal and deuterium.

You can check out the guideline of “How to Play” on the whitepaper: https://whitepaper.galaxywar.io/game-guide/how-to-play

Lets go for the Twitter Questions

Q1. I saw on your white paper that GalaxyWar’s initial investment requirement of playing and participating in the game is no less than $100. Could you please confirm that we can start playing and earning in GalaxyWar with $100?

Ans. As mentioned above. GalaxyWar’s Play-to-Earn Model can be divided into two tiers.
For example:
(A) A player starts the game and pays 2 $OKT (approx. $100), and invest $50 in research infrastructure
(B) The fixed fee for playing the first dungeon is $200
© The fee for building a spaceship is $30. If you speed $100 on heroes, the stats of spaceships will increase and the building fee can decrease to $20.
Each dungeon you win gets you $15. Each day you can play 2 dungeons, so you can make $30 per day playing only dungeons.
Total investment: $100 + $50+ $200 + $20 = $370
If you only play 2 dungeons per day, you will break even in $370 / $30 = 12.5 days

Q2. How many types of NFT are there in “GalaxyWar”, could you please give us some details of this product, from its features, utilities within “GalaxyWar”, where they can be purchased and what we must do so that through these we can earn money and rewards?

Ans. Currently, there are two types of NFT in “GalaxyWar”, Hero and Planet.(1) Hero
The hero system is featured in the Galaxy War. Hiring heroes will greatly improve the combat effectiveness of fleets.

Hero has 5 careers (Eternals, Matrix, Technical Pioneer, Terminator, Bounty Hunter), and each career has different attribute bonus, and each career has 25 hero skins.
Each hero has five ranks: Common (white), Rare (green) Elite (blue), Epic (purple) and Legendary (orange), and the rarity and stats increase in turn.

Random hero can be acquired when Galaxy hero Blind box is opened. Each hero is an NFT, and it can be traded on the trading market.

On the second quarter of 2022, Galaxy War will open Planet Colonization.

Players can buy and sell planets on the marketplace. Planets have ecological parameters such as Diameter, temperature, location, percentage of ocean.
These can determine the yield of resources. So, if you colonize a planet with high data, you can sell it for a good price.

Q3. I can see that Galaxy War has two currencies/tokens used within its platform and in the game; the $GWT and $DARK tokens. What are the differences between these two tokens? How are they used and how are they acquired?

Ans. As above mentioned, GalaxyWar is driven by a dual token system ($GWT|$DARK) to execute operational requirements.

$DARK is GalaxyWar’s in-game currency. Players will need $DARK for operational expenses, such as building facilities and researching starships. In the game, Starships can go on expeditions (PvE) and get rewards of $DARK.

$GWT is a multifunctional governance token with applications both in-game and in directing real-world economic policy.
How to get $GWT in the game? Players can get $GWT through PvP battles and Arenas.
Also, players can sell NFT and get $GWT on the marketplace.

Q4. Within GalaxyWar platform, users can Use GalaxyWar Marketplace to exchange with other players and profit from their war spoils. So how will exchange within this market place be facilitated, what kinds of assets will users be able to exchange in your marketplace?


Users can buy and sell NFT on the Marketplace. $GWT is the only official token to be used for trading on the marketplace. Users can get $GWT when they sell their NFT there. Last month, our development team has completed the final testing of the Marketplace features, and please stay tuned for more latest updates.

Q5. What are the advantages of this game to other games with the same concept? And How can this game be sustainable in the long run? Other games like these are hype in the beginning but in the long run they fail to maintain their sustainability.

Ans. We are a very professional game development team, and we won’t stop here. We will keep developing our game after launch. We are very confident in our gameplay.
Also, GalaxyWar is not a game driven by hype and scarcity, and it’s a game driven by Gameplay. The game has a complex economic cycle mechanism, and its development will not rely on the numbers of new players. Therefore, we believe GalaxyWar can run for the long term.

Lets move for the Community Round

Q1. I can’t find much information about this project,
Can you share all the links to research and stay updated with you?

Ans. ✅Our announcement channel: https://t.me/galaxywarann
✅Our community: https://t.me/GalaxyWarNFT
✅Our Twitter: https://twitter.com/GalaxyWarNFT

Q2. Now the biggest problem in crypto is security, in recent times there are many projects that have been hacked that have taken away the user’s resources.
So how do you ensure the security of your project? What are you doing for the security of your platform? Tell us about the security of your project?

Ans. Galaxy War has officially passed two audits, and we have professional contract programmers.

Q3. I want to buy your token. is it listed




4.MEXC OR Any Exchangers?

Where can I buy your tokens now?? Can you tell us please?

Ans. Enter this page, and click the logo of the platform. https://galaxywar.io/
You can buy GWT on PancakeSwap. Babyswap, Raydium and CherrySwap.
GWT will be listed on BitMart on Feb 14.

Q4. Do you have AUDIT certificate or Are you Working To AUDIT your project.❓..so That The security of The project becomes more secure And reliable.??

Ans. GalaxyWar smart contract has been successfully audited by Certik and KNOWNSEC Blockchain Lab.
The official reports can be found here: whitepaper.galaxywar.io/development/audits

Q5. According to the roadmap, what is your most important next priority?

Ans. Our OpenBeta Test Whitelist is still open, welcome everyone to participate in: galaxywar.lz.finance.
Please stay tuned for our latest update and awesome events!

Now the session ends with lots of thanks to our Guest Speaker…

Here are some important links of Galaxy War

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Wolfonaire Family Chatbox | Wolf



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