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Wolfonaire Chatbox : AMA With MeLand (28th November, 2021)

Hello! Wolfonaire Family & Crypto Enthusiasts

We recently hosted an AMA With MeLand 28th Nov, 2021 at 12.30 PM UTC. This session was phenomenal. If you have missed then here is the precious AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session this will enlighten you for sure…

Guest Speaker :

Mr. Sirius Wong | Chief Game Designer, MeLand

(Note: This is the transcription of the event. Please note that the transcript was edited for comprehensibility and coherency, while the content was not changed.)


Sirius : Founded in 2018, we’re game dev team from Singapore and HongKong, we started building Meland.ai back in 2020 and have been developing for a year and half. I bet u some of you heard of LOL, 2 of our teammates are from that studio, sounds interesting?

Wolf : Awesome 👌 🆒️ 🙌..How do holders of the #Meland Tokens benefit in the ecosystem? What power within your model do individuals hold? Why is it so attractive and what are the basic requirements to participate?

Sirius : Players skate tokens, depending on the amount, they’ll earn unique benefits from challenging quizzes like earning more coins to rewarding with unique NFTs, etc.

Wolf : This is amazing 👏…For our members who are not already familiar with the project, can you give us a very high-level overview of what #Meland is and what competitive edge it brings to the Crypto Universe?

Sirius : Game in short term: The world’s first Learn-to-Earn MMORPG Metaverse

Another aspects are
1. Fun and easy way to interact, this game is Live!(no more just fancy presentations or vidoes)
2. An super easy drag and drop editor for creators to build

Wolf : Have you met all your goals in the roadmap till now? And were there any difficulties that you didn’t expect and were not prepared for?

Sirius : Nice question. True to be told, not all the goals are met, but we accomplish most of them, I think I can share 2 of our difficulites.

the first is designing the right economics for the game, the game should be fun and easy with the ability of letting users to earn, it’s about balancing.

the other is change from eth to bsc, back in 2020, the gas fee is “acceptable” on eth, but it went crazy in 2021, so we changed to bsc, and we plan to release the cross chain feature later this year

those are the difficulties are poping up in my head, LOL.

Wolf : Man now I believe more in this project,Very few projects are there who talk about their Challanges and those are the one who succeeded Amazing 👏

Can you please give us a short tutorial on how even a nontech guy can easily use and enjoy your platform?

Sirius : Yeah! we release our browser version this year, just open chrome, go to our website, click “play now”. Getting into the world, u can either enjoy some mini game on our offical area or u can go to our battle area to start the challenge by answering quizzes contributed by the communities.

Lets move for the Twitter Round

Q1. What stage is the project at and what should we look forward to in the next few months? (Talk about roadmap)

Ans. The game is on test net now, and we’re planning to release after the IDO, and we’ll have an iOS/Android version on around Jan 2022.

Q2. How will MeLand sustain the token prices with the in-game token earnings and unlocks?

Ans. we have multiple token usuage for now, players can improve gaming experience by cosuming that, and we also got staking features.

BTW, we also got the token burn rules, 40% of the fee will be burnt.

Lets Move For The Community Round

Q1. How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates??🌾🌾🌾🌾

Ans. you can follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/meland_ai to get the latest updates, and BTW, since our IDO is coming on 12.6 / 12.7 with 3 launchpads, we’re holding an epic giveaway right now, kindly checkout:

Q2. Is your platforms suitable for crypto beginners? Or does it only limited to professional users..??

Ans. Meland.ai is committed to becoming a community-driven / epoch-making / decentralized GameFi platform, Creators can create quizzes, games, works on our platform and we’re going to reward that, our platform is UGC based, and we have a 45% of the total supply called Foundation Pool

Now the session ends with lots of thanks to our Guest Speaker…

Here are some important links of MeLand

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Wolfonaire Family Chatbox | Wolf



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