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Wolfonaire Chatbox : AMA With Wisebitcoin (2nd May, 2021)

Hello! Wolfonaire Family & Crypto Enthusiasts!

We recently hosted an AMA With Equilibrium on 2nd May, 2021 at 3.30 PM UTC. This session was phenomenal. If you have missed then here is the precious AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session this will enlighten you for sure…

Guest Speaker :

Mr. Shadi Abdou | Senior Advisor, Wisebitcoin

(Note: This is the transcription of the event. Please note that the transcript was edited for comprehensibility and coherency, while the content was not changed.)


Abdou : Hello,

Wolfonaire Family Chatbox, thanks for having me today. I’ll introduce myself first. I’m Shadi Abdou, Wisebitcoin’s Senior Advisor and a technical analyst, trainer, member of the Egyptian Society of Technical Analysts, and a trader in the Forex market for more than 15 years.

In my career I’ve written educational articles and books about the Forex market, as well as created educational videos both in English and Arabic language. I’m also a professional lecturer, and have trained both beginners and professionals over the years. All this helped me develop a lot of trading strategies that have proven their strength in the market and brought me to join Wisebitcoin.

Wolf : Appreciate That 👏…

Abdou : Wisebitcoin is built by a talented international team, who has proven great skills and amazing tech support. Among the advisor board, we have former talents from Huobi and Bluehelix; everyone with year of expertise with the market and exchange/trading platforms. The Wisebitcoin team has also a good knowledge of the Southeast Asia crypto market, making it pretty unique.

The real protagonist here is Wisebitcoin, a cryptocurrency exchange that is part of a network of over 200 global cryptocurrency exchanges. Combined, these exchanges provide services to roughly 280 merchants, and they boast a user base of 15 million. And I am really happy to receive your questions … :)

Wolf : Great 👏…What is the plan to ensure sufficient liquidity on exchanges to fill market orders,especially as adoption increases and clients begin multiplying year-over-year for This Exchange?

Abdou : That is a good question. Wisebitcoin is a cryptocurrency cloud service, this makes it possible to anchor about 280 cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide, which means we are able to support and operata a huge volume of orders. To ensure that the platform maintains a deep liquidity, out team and developers are constantly working on optimising the tech resources and finding the best solutions for our users.

On the platform the daily trading on the platform exceeds $6 billion on average, and high transaction speeds help shield against losses in the event of changes in price during order execution.

The highest recorded transaction speed on the platform was 2,300,000 transactions per second for a single trading pair. We are always looking forward to hear suggestions from our users. So if you have any, please let us know. :)

Wolf : Awesome 👌🆒️🙌

Can you share what services does #Wisebitcoin offers and how customers have more options than other exchanges?

Abdou : Well, the exchange supports deposits in over 30 cryptocurrencies and supports spot trading for over 50 cryptocurrencies, including popular trading pairs that include USDT, BTC, ETH, and more.
It supports over 100 stablecoins and facilitates perpetual futures trading for coin-swaps denominated either in USDT or other preferred coins to secure short or long positions based on the trader’s assessment of coin and market fundamentals.

Wisebitcoin also supports trades with up to x100 leverage, as well as trading in leveraged ETFs.

One of the benefits of using Wisebitcoin is that users can trade the major crypto currencies as well as emerging like Sushi, Kusama and Luna. In the next weeks we will announce more airdrops.

Wolf : Keep 👀 yeah. Awesome 👌🆒️🙌. What is in your opinion about the future of crypto?

Abdou : Okay, my answer will be a bit long so please bear with me.. I will try to cut it short in the next comments..

Wolf : Sure 👏

Still the number one crypto and we are seeing more and more financial giants to refer to as good investment asset. Bank of America Merrill Lynch has named it the best investment asset in the last ten years — as you may know..

“The Ethereum Killer” has the capability but still an infant.. Still a long way to go..

We all know the Dogecoin story this year.. the best digital currency to invest… Elon Musk does have an impact on its price so it could continue raising its price.

I think that its value will increase, will stay an attractive option for trading.

If you recall, Ripple got to its record high back in 2017 when it went from less than 1 cent to $1. A good option as an “inexpensive” crypto.

Stellar’ Lumens are valued low but the combined marketcap is high, there are good opportunities in trading Stellar, plus it is said to address the high gas fees issue.

“Bitcoin-Lite” is a very worthy crypto to invest in. The speed of transactions much higher than Bitcoin. And almost near zero cost of transactions.

Tether as you know is 5th largest crypto by market cap and the biggest stablecoin, and despite some issues, analysts agree even though by a fraction of a cent, but will increase in price overtime.

Wolf : Great Explanations. Final Question:- What are the best opportunities right now for traders and best opportunities in crypto?

Abdou : First chart with DOGE:
I believe that it will be bullish as long as it is trading above the level of 0.34330… But we can go long after the breakout of the level 0.43319 (At least a daily close above it).

We are always looking for good trades.. No matter time it will take to be ready.. For example: ETH

The area between 2789 to 2670 is where we can look for bullish evidence for a long position. So, keep an eye on it.

XRP is bullish as long as it is trading above 1.4590 with targets: 1.8000 followed by 1.8500. (Conditioned by trading above 1.4590)

For more technical reports, traders can read our reports on the following link:

Lets Start The Community Round

Now Group Question & Answer Session Began

Q1. 1-Increasing Token price
2- make Token Valuable
3-Building Community Trust

From 3 aspects above, Which one the most important for you?
If all above are important for you,. Which one that Will you do first?

Abdou : You have highlighted 3 great points, that are all important for us. To answer the second part of your question, we have dedicated teams working on all these tasks in synch so we’re currently working on everything mentioned here.

Q2. Can you share with us some of the future plans such as the marketing development plan and recent activity plan for the Wisebitcoin?

Abdou : We’re planning to expand Wisebitcoin on a global level, so reach countries outside Southeast Asia where our core market currently is. So we will look at opportunities there and recently we’ve been working on growing our trading list and constantly working on it. You can check some of our recent activities here


Cryptocurrency Exchange | Futures Trading | Wisebitcoin

Q3. Currently, most investors are only interested in profits at this time, but ignore the long-term benefits. So can you give me some advice on why I should buy and hold token in the long term?

Abdou : This year’s unprecedented BTC rally (and so many other crypto) is yet another proof that hodlers and their patience can prevail in the long run. Actually, long-term BTC holders have been adding to their positions in the past year. And that is one of the overall strong factors. BTC supply as data suggests has grown by 1.5 million BTC in the last 12 months. And institutional adoption of crypto and other factors are all signs that long-term benefits for hodlers are substantial

Q4. What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

Abdou : Being a cryptocurrency cloud service, so we can anchor over 280 cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide, which means we are able to support and operata a huge volume of orders. So traders can always have deep liquidity, which is something we know all traders are looking for.
Then the he Affiliate Program, more accessible than any competitor’s, even without Know Your Customer (KYC). Wisebitcoin offers the highest commissions for affiliates in the industry, 30 percent standard commission and a $2.1 affiliate commission for both maker and taker trades.Affiliates also benefit from support for website management, advertisement, branch offices, as well as tools for CRM and commissions management.

Q5. How many killer features of Your project that makes it ahead of its competitors? Could you tell us 2–3 features.

Abdou : Deep liquidity
High transaction speed
Affiliate program
Always on and multi-language customer service

Now the session ends with lots of thanks to our Guest Speaker…

Here are some important links of Wisebitcoin

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Wolfonaire Family Chatbox | Wolf



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