Looking for a fast way to build your MVP? Here are some tools we recommend you use.

Most of the times, as a startup, your first product will be an MVP — which is good, because there's no point in going all in before you have tangible data to validate your idea. Building an MVP is all about testing the idea and most of the times, founders have a limited budget in designing and developing the products. But building an MVP should, first and utmost be cost effective. You build your MVP so you can test your product idea, and if there's a chance you fail, you want your fail to be as cheap as possible.

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Fail cheap, recover fast.

We're here to share some great tools that can help you going through the steps of building an MVP.


This is a tools that offers you a very simple and streamlined interface for sketching eschews the toolbars and icons of a typical drawing app. What we really like about this wireframing tool is that it’s color palette is limited, so it helps you avoid that avenue of procrastination. Moreover, the UI elements are sensitive and only appear when you need them.

It is a great option especially if you’re looking for a simple, uncluttered user interface.

Another really nice feature Wireframe.cc has is the possibility to share live wireframes with your whole team. Anyone with a link can comment on the wireframe this way it is easier to collaborate and edit it.


FluidUI is a web, desktop and mobile prototyping tool built in Dublin, Ireland, allowing quick prototyping with built-in Material design and iOS components and transitions. Their attractive user portfolio includes Xerox, Siemens, Samsung and Oracle. There are more than 500,000 designers and product visionaries using FluidUI worldwide and it provides a great way for you to visually map out your projects.


If you need a tool that would take you through the whole process of roughly sketching your wireframes, this is the one. Moqups gives you the possibility to collaborate with others on your work, create site maps, flowcharts and storyboards and building functional prototypes. And it’s built in Cluj, so that kind of adds extra points to this one too.

InVision Studio:

We’ve heard a lot of good stuff about this one, and we are using it on a daily base so we can give our word on it. It is good. It does the job. This tools does the magic for you and you team. It helps your team communicate better, build better wireframes and designs, rapid prototypes with micro interactions.


This one is a vector-based design tool which helps you design interfaces quickly and intuitively.

You can think of it as a combination between Photoshop, Illustrator, just a lightweight software with unlimited artboards. With this feature, you can pre-design elements like buttons, widgets and even complex navigation mechanisms, then replicate their design on other artboards and shapes.


Is a great tool for drawing user interfaces, web sites, desktops and mobile applications. It simulates the experience of writing on whiteboards, but using a software. They say every successful design starts with a pen and paper — well, Balsamiq changes exactly that.

Always remember you want your MVP to collect as much data as possible. When choosing your features, keep in mind that 20% of your features should give you 80% of the data.

If you want more information on building strong MVPs, there are some more articles we wrote on this topic:

After you collect your users feedback you can start improving your product again and then test it again, and again.

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