The Wolfram Technology Conference Begins Tomorrow!

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We’re gearing up for this year’s Wolfram Technology Conference in Champaign, IL (home of Wolfram’s headquarters). The event takes place this week from October 17 to October 20 and features talks from experts using Wolfram technology. Wolfram developers and colleagues will discuss the latest developments and multidisciplinary features for machine learning, multiparadigm data science, cloud computing, interactive deployment, mobile devices and more. Be among the first to experience our newest releases and see how the Wolfram technology stack can give you a competitive edge. (Check out the full schedule.)

Hands on Training and Informative Talks

Of particular interest, individuals from a wide spectrum of disciplines, fields, and organizations attend the Wolfram Technology Conference to cross-pollinate ideas and solutions to problems in new and innovate ways. It is a unique opportunity to experience the intersection of ideas between academics, researchers, applied practitioners, and professional users of advanced Wolfram technologies.

Attendees sharpen their skills using in-depth, pre-conference training classes, including advanced machine learning, data science workflows, applied statistical analysis, image processing, and applied visualization using our knowledge-based symbolic programming language, Wolfram Language. Attendees can also learn how to develop 3D mechanical systems using Wolfram System Modeler. All trainings are led by Wolfram experts.

Stephen Wolfram will deliver the opening keynote address at 5 PM on October 17. Following that, there will be a wide variety of talks on the cutting edge of data science, using Wolfram technology in education, software development, engineering and science, math, and visualization. There will also be workshops, meetups, and roundtables where attendees can discuss Wolfram’s technology stack with our teams of experts and network with users of Wolfram products.

The expert panel at the Wolfram Technology Conference in 2014.

Fun With Programming

We also feature the Wolfram One-Liner Competition where participants submit 128 or fewer tweetable characters of Wolfram Language to perform the most impressive computation they can dream up. For example, Stephan Leibbrandt created a map projection with just 128 characters of code:

CountryData["World", {"Shape", #}][[1, 3, 1]] & /@ {"Orthographic", 
Animate[Graphics[{Polygon[%[[1]] + f (%[[2]] - %[[1]])]}], {f,
0, .04}]
“Projections” by Stephan Leibbrandt

In keeping with the conference’s time of year, Abby Brown created “Happy Halloween!” in just 127 characters.

SphericalPlot3D[{(Cos[20 t] + 70) (p (Pi - p + .1))^.2, Nothing, 
If[p < .2, 90 Cos[7 p]]}, {p, 0, Pi}, {t, 0, 2 Pi}, Mesh -> None,
PlotPoints -> 80, Axes -> 0]
“Happy Halloween!” by Abby Brown

Thanks to Philip Maymin, you no longer have to travel to Disneyland to get your mouse ears. All you need is Wolfram Language!

Check[{{{a, b}, {c, d}}} = FindFaces[i = CurrentImage[]];
HighlightImage[i, {Black, PointSize[(d - b)/400], {a, d}, {c, d}}], i]
“Mickey Mousical” by Philip Maymin

You can check them out yourself in the Wolfram Open Cloud.

We also feature this year the Wolfram Live Coding Championship led by Stephen Wolfram. Each participant receives a challenge and is up to them to come up with the best piece of Wolfram Language code to solve the problem. And, this year, we have a special prize fit for a champion. The event takes place Wednesday October 18 from 9:30 PM to 11:30 PM. Join us on Twitch for the event if you can’t make it!

Wolfram Innovator Awards

A highlight of the conference is our annual Wolfram Innovator Award ceremony. Individuals who have made significant contributions to their fields using Wolfram technologies in innovative ways are honored. Past recipients come from a wide range of fields from biotechnology to business administration. The award ceremony takes place on October 19 at 7 PM.

We also have dinners and networking events planned where you can mingle with Wolfram developers, professionals who use Wolfram products, and researchers working on the cutting edge of technological innovation. And don’t miss your change to tour Wolfram Research headquarters!

Onsite registration is still open, and we hope you can join us! And be sure to follow us here on Medium and on Twitter for updates throughout the conference.