It Takes Two to Tech

Top 8 Reasons why Argentina likely is the perfect site for your tech partnership

It’s no secret that the latest trend in the software development industry has been to shift development resources from traditional offshore Asian hubs to ‘nearshore’ locations, improving project management, increasing quality, and reducing risk.

LATAM, especially for American companies, has quickly become the new hot spot for design and development nearshoring. Leading the pack, undoubtedly, is the country of Malbec, Steak, and Tango — Argentina.

With one of the best-educated workforces in Latin America, Argentina offers a full package of benefits like cost competitiveness, widespread English fluency, a convenient timezone, and all while enjoying being one of the most economically established countries in LATAM.

So, without further adieu, I present to you the top 8 reasons to send your Design and Development needs to Argentina:

1. Top Talent — Not just a pretty face

Argentina invests more in education per capita than almost any other developing country, with free schools and universities. Their graduates are respected internationally, especially in the world of tech with over 20,000 students nationwide in 2017 studying for careers in information technology and computer sciences.

2. Similar Communication Style — Maybe with a heavier emphasis on Futbol (Soccer) over Football

Similar work styles and approaches to business projects make partnerships seamless. Argentines are notoriously direct, unafraid to voice code error or aesthetic opinion, and do not make false promises. They approach work with a critical eye that results in a higher quality of work.

3. Similar Cultures- Two peas in a pod

Argentina is also noted for their identification with European/US cultures as heavy consumers and convenience seekers. This cultural similarity is pivotal — if you are targeting Western users for your app, you want designers and developers who can relate to that culture when designing and developing.

4. Cost-Quality Advantages: High quality that won’t put you out of business

Operating outside the states and in LATAM significantly reduces costs, without sacrificing quality. In fact, even the most premium nearshoring services usually run 30% lower than local costs and the newest technologies are available, i.e. React Native and IoT.

5. English Skills: Maybe with an accent :)

Argentina was ranked first in Latin America, and 15th in the world for English skills by EF Education First.

6. Time Zone — No more midnight conference calls!

The time zones in Argentina are only 1–2 hours (depending on the season) ahead of the Eastern time zone and most companies operate fully to at least 3pm Pacific Time.

7. Leading LATAM boom — Argentina for the win!

Over Mexico and Brazil, Argentina has cultivated a majority of the strongest companies in LATAM with 4 of the 6 LATAM unicorn (more than a billion in annual revenue) companies being Argentine. All of these companies are also highly tech-oriented: Mercado Libre, Despegar, Globant and OLX.

Furthermore, Argentina is one of just three Latin American countries in the G20 and Buenos Aires is preparing to be the host of their 2018 G20 summit — the first to ever be held in South America.

8. Argentina the Beautiful — National Geographic agrees

Between the majestic beauty of Patagonia, Mendoza wine country, and the stately Buenos Aires (dubbed the Paris of the Southern Hemisphere), Argentina’s beauty is undeniable. It sure would be a tough life to have to hop on a quick flight down for work!

So there you have it, Silicon Valley — 8 reasons why Argentina has quickly become the new preferred design/development destination for many companies worldwide.

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