Changing Rules

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At Wolox, there is a particular way we make our strategic decisions everyday. Constant change, we like to change the rules. This requires us to have courage, self-confidence and eagerness to become the best version of ourselves, not a reflection of someone else or what is expected from us.

From the very beginning, Wolox took a path that was not seen as the most logical, even so, it still achieved excellent results. We chose to make our own rules, our own culture, and to challenge ourselves every day instead of trying to imitate other players. That’s what has helped us turn Wolox into a unique, innovative company, with an identity that strongly relates to each of its members.

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Wolox was founded by seven software engineers. If, at the time, they had asked investors or experts whether it was a good decision to build a startup with so many founders, the common responses would have been criticism, warnings, and the usual “why it was a bad idea” speech. Regardless, they chose to be risk takers from the very start.

As a joint decision, we decided not to appoint a CTO position, even though our company was devoted to providing technology solutions. Again, going against the rules was what enabled us to make the right decision at the right time.

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Today, I write this post at a very important moment in my life and career. From now on, I am taking on the role of Wolox’s CEO, and I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to this unexpected decision. To those who dared to choose a woman as the future CEO, who was not part of the founding team, or even one of the company’s first employees. To those who gave me their vote of confidence without prejudices or preconceptions about what was expected.

I take on this new role eager to continue contributing to Wolox’s growth. I’m sure we have the best team one can have, to face immense challenges in the coming years. Above all, I promise to keep changing the rules and creating the company of our dreams, a company like no other: Wolox.

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