The Importance of Building a Culture of Shared Ideas

Rocio Rivera
Jun 9, 2017 · 3 min read

“Everyone has something worth sharing with the rest of us.”

In today’s era of knowledge sharing, ideas are at the center of it all. TED Talks are shared, respected, and an inspiration to us all. But, is it possible for a Startup to create it’s own space for sharing ideas, its own red circle?

Each month at Wolox we hold a Tech & Talk, an event that started out as a fun little project in the commercial department that is now taking the company by storm. Although in the beginning it was focused on keeping everyone up-to- date on the latest innovation trends, it has grown into a space for a wide range of topics. Some of the ideas that have been shared at Tech & Talk include ways to get out of your comfort zone, how to run an IOT project, the equation for happiness, keys to being a digital nomad, how to create an open source house, and so much more!

Tech&Talk has become a space to spread innovation, as well as spark inspiration and creativity at Wolox. The recipe? Learn, Share and Grow.

Learn: the opportunity

The world is divided into two types of people: people who get excited about giving a talk and people who are terrified just thinking about it. At Wolox, there is a mix of both which is why we have focused on the importance of guiding Woloxers through the entire process. We’ve developed two tools to accomplish this. The first one is Mentoring, every speaker has a coach. This coach is there to guide the speakers from forming their idea to confidently presenting it in front of an audience. The second is a Training Program which consists of three workshops- ideation, creation, and presentation. This program ends with the speaker taking the stage with a clear idea of how to deliver a great talk. This step is a wonderful opportunity to develop new skills!

Share: the must

Whether it is an event created by your organization, such as Tech & Talk, or a TEDx internal event, building a space to share ideas and learn from each other is incredibly important. The challenge of presenting an idea on stage is a key factor in the learning process. Moreover, creating a space to share ideas is a large (and crucial) part of our company culture. This step is a must for building a culture of shared ideas!

Grow: the why

At Wolox, we know that knowledge and idea sharing is key for happiness and growth within the company and the Woloxers. Through Tech & Talk, Woloxers can grow by learning to present, grow by learning to share, and grow from the inspiration of others. It is also an opportunity to help overcome communication challenges and build self-confidence. Additionally, these skills are transferable to everyday tasks. For example, learning how to communicate an idea to your team in a more effective manner, improving ways to present project advances to clients, and/or gaining confidence when representing the company at a conference. This step is the why, the reason for knowledge and idea sharing.

As part of the Tech & Talk team and as a TEDx organizer, I truly believe that ideas shared and discussed have the power to make significant changes within communities and organizations. Creating this monthly space has not only helped people develop their public speaking and active listening skills, but has also ensured that their ideas are heard while at the same time has strengthened and cultivated connections within the company.

I look at Startups as a sparkling pool full of ideas, knowledge, expertise, and lateral thinking. Organizing events such as Tech&Talk allows ideas to be heard and shared and for people to become more united.

This is the goal. Create a dynamic organizational culture within a company.

So, back to the first question: is it possible for a startup to create their own space to share ideas, their own red circle? The answer is definitely YES.


Wolox stands for innovation, engineering and working culture that transforms problems into solutions and ideas into products.

Rocio Rivera

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Wolox stands for innovation, engineering and working culture that transforms problems into solutions and ideas into products.

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